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Kirk McGuire: Cephalopod Tables

Posted in furniture, home, sculpture, sea, wish list with tags , , , , on July 29, 2014 by shewalkssoftly

Now THIS is how you hold up a pane of glass for a coffee table! Kirk McGuire has a series of bronze sculpture tables that add a dash of marine adornment to the home.

The octopus is definitely my favorite.


But the giant squid is pretty great, too.

And the leafy sea dragon is a bit more understated, which is nice if you don’t opt for the bold look of cephalopods.

Kirk McGuire


Industrial Artifact

Posted in furniture, home with tags , on July 22, 2014 by shewalkssoftly

Industrial Artifact has me drooling over their home furnishings, particularly the gorgeous vintage style storage.


So many drawers! A piece like this could nicely streamline my craft supply/trinket hoarding…*cough*…I mean…collecting.


While the store lands unequivocally outside my current price range, a girl can dream.


Industrial Artifact

Deconstructed Sofa

Posted in furniture, home with tags , on February 5, 2014 by shewalkssoftly

Are you ready for Anthropologie’s Deconstructed Sofa? Yep…this is actually a thing.


Apparently, a bunch of old pillows tied to a sofa frame left on a curb can be marketed as postmodern and sold for $4,298.


Thanks, Liz!

For more ridiculous items, check out my past series Uncomfortable Furniture Week

Bo Reudler: Slow White

Posted in anthropomorphic, furniture, sculpture with tags , , on September 18, 2012 by shewalkssoftly

Pumpkin Rot recently featured Bo Reudler’s Slow White furniture series.

Clearly, form trumps function…and the form is just a tad offbeat and obscure. My vivid imagination immediately envisioned that these are the outcasts of the furniture factory, who escape into the night to be happy misfits together.

They explore the forest and revel in their curves, knots and organically shaped pieces…so divinely unlike their homogenous factory counterparts.

This one is making a wish as he glances toward the sky…

A chair enjoys a quiet meditative moment before rejoining the others…

Original Source
Artist Site

Hush Pod

Posted in design, furniture, home, introvert with tags , , , on September 10, 2011 by shewalkssoftly

This chair by Freya Sewell looks very inviting to me.

It’s another piece of introvert furniture (for those who don’t want the Sensory Deprivation Skull). Perfect for curling up and reading A Guide for the Extra Woman

Mr. Chair

Posted in furniture, home, humor with tags , , on May 21, 2011 by shewalkssoftly

Now, I have a strict rule against my furniture being in better shape than I am. But if you prefer your chairs with well defined pecs and abs, you might want to consider “Mr. Chair.”

This is furniture that seems to say “Don’t you dare sit on me when you could be working out right now, you lazy sack of crap!”


Michel Haillard: Infernal Furniture

Posted in design, furniture, home, taxidermy with tags , , , on February 19, 2011 by shewalkssoftly

Ever wonder how Hell is furnished? Look no further…I have your answer. You’re welcome.

Michel Haillard creates sinister pieces of furniture, inspired by a passion for hunting.

I don’t believe in hunting just for sport, so to avoid intense cognitive dissonance I must believe that these creatures were killed for food, and that every part of the carcass was carefully and responsibly used.

I would also accept the use of dead animals if one were to find them decimated by plague or natural disaster.

Maybe they just died of old age…

Although a tad too opulent for me personally, I think these pieces would be phenomenal on dark, lush movie sets. Haillard could easily furnish an entire villain abode.

What images or characters does this furniture conjure up in your imagination?

Many more at the Source
Michel Haillard

Sci-fi Bar Stools

Posted in craft, furniture, home, robots, sci-fi with tags , , , , on August 7, 2010 by shewalkssoftly

The always impressive Nicole has done it again! Here’s my favorite new project from this craft mistress. Sci-fi bar stools!

Details on her site.

Lago Divan

Posted in design, furniture, home with tags , , on May 14, 2010 by shewalkssoftly

What I love about these pieces of modular furniture by Lago is the appearance of floating.

Don’t they seem to be hovering over the floor?


Uncomfortable Furniture Week: Pixelated Chair

Posted in furniture, geek, sculpture with tags , , on April 24, 2010 by shewalkssoftly

Of all the uses for awesome pixelated art…

Ow, ow, OUCH!