Industrial Artifact

Industrial Artifact has me drooling over their home furnishings, particularly the gorgeous vintage style storage.


So many drawers! A piece like this could nicely streamline my craft supply/trinket hoarding…*cough*…I mean…collecting.


While the store lands unequivocally outside my current price range, a girl can dream.


Industrial Artifact


4 Responses to “Industrial Artifact”

  1. bettiemuldoon Says:

    OMG! Well, there goes my sexual thrill for the day! The top two and the fourth one down! They are Dreamy…

  2. I want every single one of them!

  3. Oh gawd yeah, aren’t these kind of antiquities’ just pure delight to have and behold. Especially those really useful objects such as above. Shame our wallets have to be allergic sometimes. Bare in mind there is always the fine art of haggling to drop the price if one detects Scrooge-like greediness at play.
    In fairness the searching, acquiring and restoring for many vintage items can be daunting if not dangerous; so therefore I, he who brings coupons to the grocery store to save a dollar on frozen pizza, does understand for the most part why a merchant may ask a pretty penny for just an age-old wooden box with thirty drawers. Wait, what the hell did he just say? Kill him for such blasphemy!
    Would love to trespass *cough* I mean enter with permission abandoned dusty places and fill my trick-or-treat truck of their antiquated goodies. Most places though are ransacked or the savvy owners have already removed the good stuff, and yes, there is the little deterrent of breaking the law in most cases.
    Still, not much else could be more fun than a glorious day out treasure hunting within the cobwebbed abodes of ghosts and ghoulies.

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