Michel Haillard: Infernal Furniture

Ever wonder how Hell is furnished? Look no further…I have your answer. You’re welcome.

Michel Haillard creates sinister pieces of furniture, inspired by a passion for hunting.

I don’t believe in hunting just for sport, so to avoid intense cognitive dissonance I must believe that these creatures were killed for food, and that every part of the carcass was carefully and responsibly used.

I would also accept the use of dead animals if one were to find them decimated by plague or natural disaster.

Maybe they just died of old age…

Although a tad too opulent for me personally, I think these pieces would be phenomenal on dark, lush movie sets. Haillard could easily furnish an entire villain abode.

What images or characters does this furniture conjure up in your imagination?

Many more at the Source
Michel Haillard


3 Responses to “Michel Haillard: Infernal Furniture”

  1. Do you think this conversation could have happened in Good Omens?

    Crowley: “Have a seat, Aziraphale. I’ll go get the tea.”

    Aziraphale, after scanning Crowley’s living room: “Crowley, I know you’re a demon and all but I thought you like home styles of the 1930’s better?”

    Crowley, returning with the tea, : “You’re right. However, my cousin (don’t how demons have cousins) sent me this …this…hell, I guess it’s a couch as a gift to remind me of Hell because apparently I don’t go visit there enough. Anyway, let’s have a seat.”

    Aziraphale: “Ok….Ow!! One of the horns jammed my backside!”

    Crowley: “Sorry, about that. The couch knows you’re an angel, I guess, and didn’t appreciate you sitting on it. It pokes me at least every other time I sit on it. I know Hell’s supposed be all about eternal torment and damnation but can’t a bloke enjoy a cup of tea every once in a while as repite. Crumpet?”

  2. Dramatic pieces of furniture! This guy has some imagination and I can see them in a movie or TV drama, perhaps at a special event that calls for dark, dramatic and bold furniture styles. Not my cup of tea personally although saying that I do like the last image of a lounge chair, I think, in the shape of a snake. Some items with storage space included would be a bonus.

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