Deconstructed Sofa

Are you ready for Anthropologie’s Deconstructed Sofa? Yep…this is actually a thing.


Apparently, a bunch of old pillows tied to a sofa frame left on a curb can be marketed as postmodern and sold for $4,298.


Thanks, Liz!

For more ridiculous items, check out my past series Uncomfortable Furniture Week


12 Responses to “Deconstructed Sofa”

  1. Yeah, that’s Antthropologie for ya!

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      They have the occasional nice piece of clothing (but I never let myself buy them due to price). This thing though…

  2. The other ‘uncomfortable furniture’ posts at least had some artistic merit, for the most part, not sure about the Panda chair (although, it’s probably comfortable.) This looks not only very uncomfortable, but shows no signs of any kind of beauty to me. It’ll be interesting if we could find out how many sell.

  3. LOL!!! And they actually want $300 S&H, too. Sad part is what a waste of a gorgeous sofa frame. We know who’ll buy this crap. It’s the diluted, brain dead, spoiled assholes of the world who don’t know the value of a dollar nor gives a shit; the people that float through life more apt to spend a fortune on frivolity then donate a dime to charity. Don’t let me go on about the overpaid “designers” who came up with this ridiculous sofa. These are the same merchants who’ll unscrupulously haggle down the price of an item with some poor old couple hosting a yard sale to help pay their bill debts. Then the bastards will bring it back, call it shabby chic or post modern and sell it for thousands dollars because their clientele lives on another planet. In summation to clarify my point about assholes, go the websites page and read the customer’s review. Thank you Dana for being bold enough to mock such lunacy. 99

  4. Definitely not ready! Great post, lol!

  5. Haha! I had a sofa just like this when I was a penniless student; fortunately my parents loaned me the money to replace it with a decent one.

    Aw rats, perhaps I should’ve hung onto it though…?!? -Nx

  6. I’m trying to get rid of our awful old sofa…. Maybe if I strip it down to a bare frame, and then tie on some of the old cushions I’m also thinking about ditching, someone might pay me a couple of thousand and take it away?

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