5 Responses to “Books: Delightfully Dark Storybooks”

  1. stork_angel Says:

    This is so wonderful that you are inspiring others through your site! You rock!

  2. northwoodsgirl Says:

    You raided my bookshelves!

    I’m a children’s librarian, folk & fairy tale scholar, and writer, who also LOVES Alexander’s art work, which I first came across at Deviant Art a couple years ago. Isn’t he wonderful?

  3. It takes about 10 days from amazon.uk, dnneedipg on availability and shipping. And yes, you can only do air mail, and it costs a lot. Typically, if I’m ordering from amazon.uk, I try and make the order at least $100 to make up for the shipping costs. You may also want to look and see if the “UK version” of something is available on amazon.ca.I can’t remember how long it took with cdjapan, but I remember being surprised at how quickly I got the Ghibli “Thank You, Mr. Lasseter” documentary dvd.

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