Kirk McGuire: Cephalopod Tables

Now THIS is how you hold up a pane of glass for a coffee table! Kirk McGuire has a series of bronze sculpture tables that add a dash of marine adornment to the home.

The octopus is definitely my favorite.


But the giant squid is pretty great, too.

And the leafy sea dragon is a bit more understated, which is nice if you don’t opt for the bold look of cephalopods.

Kirk McGuire


9 Responses to “Kirk McGuire: Cephalopod Tables”

  1. johnkutensky Says:

    That squid table is awesome! I kind of want the tentacles creeping up over the edge, too…

  2. The octopus is my fav as well.

  3. Well I’m in awe. Had a look at McGuire’s Youtube channel and apparently, not content with just creating the original sculpture, he also moulds the wax cast for the foundry – then welds together the cast-bronze sections and patinas the completed piece as well. What an all-round master craftsman! (And the octopus is my favourite too… 🙂 ) -Nx

  4. It’s amazing how lively they all look!

  5. Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculpture Says:

    Thank you so much! Kirk

  6. Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculpture Says:

    Thank you for including my works here!!! ❤

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