Books: Eye Candy

The Taschen Icons Series and Taschen Basic Series have some of the best, affordable eye candy I’ve found. After a small written introduction, the entire book is comprised of images. I’ve used these for countless art, craft and collage projects. Here are a few personal favorites.

Taschen Bargain Bin Eye Candy:

20th Century Photography
50’s Fashion
60’s Fashion
Best of Bizarre
Bizarro Postcards
Christmas: Vintage Holiday Graphics
M.C. Escher
M.C. Escher: The Graphic Work
Future Perfect
H.R. Giger
Halloween: Vintage Holiday Graphics
India Bazarre: Vintage Indian Graphics
Industrial Design
Japanese Beauties
Kitchen Kitsch
Pin Ups
See the World
Skin Art
Valentines: Vintage Holiday Graphics

A Few More from Taschen (great prices on Amazon):

The Fantastic Art of Beksinski
Hieronymus Bosch
Digital Art Masters: Vol 2
Digital Art Masters: Vol 3
Masterpieces of Illumination
Painting a New World: Mexican Art and Life


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