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Image Odyssey: Steampunk Teapot

Posted in craft, image odyssey, steampunk with tags , , on February 7, 2010 by shewalkssoftly

This Robotic Teapot on Etsy inspired me to do an image search for steampunk teapots:

There were surprisingly few of them. I thought it would be a more popular choice for mod projects in the steampunk community. But here are some favorites:



For some reason, my remaining source links seem to have vanished. I wonder if I erased them by accident…

Image Odyssey: Thomas Kinkade Mashups

Posted in art, humor, image odyssey, robots with tags , , , on January 23, 2010 by shewalkssoftly

The world knows Thomas Kinkade as the “Painter of Light.” His work is so charming, so emotionally soothing that it’s borderline unnerving.

A post over at Monster Brains prompted me to seek out “Thomas Kinkade mashup” artwork.

This one is my favorite:

It appears that a number of people have bastardized Kinkade’s glowing, idyllic scenes (a few in response to a contest held on

For the Lovecraft fans…

Expect a roundup of actual products made with Kinkade’s art during the holidays, because they can be unintentionally hilarious (like this snowman cult leader who appears to have devoured an entire village).

Santa Muerte

Posted in art, image odyssey, macabre, undead with tags , , , , on January 12, 2010 by shewalkssoftly

A recent Boing Boing post inspired me to dig through my collection of Santa Muerte (Saint Death) images (and grab a new one or two).

I find myself drawn to Santa Muerte imagery because I’m fascinated by Mexcio’s colorful, celebratory reverence for death (a cultural phenomenon rarely exhibited in the US).

I’ve come across some wonderful displays and products.

Some have a slightly morbid flare…

If anyone knows a place in NYC (or online) where I might find some great Santa Muerte artifacts, please share!

Image Odyssey: Scary Santa (Inanimate Object Version)

Posted in christmas, dolls, humor, image odyssey, thrift horror, vintage with tags , , , , , on December 16, 2009 by shewalkssoftly

And now we have the inanimate Scary Santa results…

(photo by Martin Palmer)

At least this one is intentionally freakish…

The Jesus/Santa combo always irks me. Get your myths right, people.

If you actually enjoy looking at things like this, definitely check my posts for Holiday Horror Week ’08:

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Image Odyssey: Christ Cake

Posted in christmas, food, image odyssey, undead with tags , , , , , on December 9, 2009 by shewalkssoftly

It’s that time of year again! That joyous time in an oddity blogger’s life when awful religious parephrenalia starts popping up in relation to the holidays (and time for disclaimers about how this blog does not intend to offend or insult anyone’s faith).

The other day I somehow found myself internally exclaiming the phrase Christ Cakes! when someone cut me off in traffic. Don’t ask me why.

But now I give you…CHRIST CAKES!

I encountered a number of images wishing Jesus a happy birthday, like this 1970’s plastic doormat…er…cake. Someone got a little crazy with the star shaped icing tube attachment.

I think I saw this guy at Whole Foods…

Eat this hazard at your own risk. May cause severe hemorrhaging.


Are you ready for this? Wait for it…

RED SOX CHRIST! (Johnny Damon Cake)

Image Odyssey: “Kitsch Nativity”

Posted in absurd, christmas, image odyssey, kitsch with tags , , , on December 1, 2009 by shewalkssoftly

Well, this is really a two for one special since I also searched “awful nativity.” The season of premium holiday kitsch is upon us, so I figured this is a great way to get in the spirit.

Shall we start with some animal versions? Dogs + religious scenery = instant kitsch.

Then we have the light up variety…

Lite Brite…Lite Brite…turn on the magic of colored lights…

I love this one. Curbside.

I think these were baked a little too long:

This was bound to be made…

For the Creationists out there, I present Dinosaur Surprise Party!

Is that a palm tree?

Here we have some nativity “live actors:”

And the sartorial equivalent of the scene:

I actually kind of like this one because it epitomizes the vintage plastic artifact:

Pre-made commentary!

If anyone has other examples, feel free to submit them for me to add.

Hold Your Light, Eleven…

Posted in image odyssey with tags on November 11, 2009 by shewalkssoftly

11 is my favorite number. I’ve always been drawn to it and enjoyed the symbolism despite the fact that I’m not a numerology buff.


Symbolically, 11 is a “master number;” two objects coming together to double in power. It stands for the synergy of opposites: male and female energy, darkness and light, work and play, thought and feeling. In my opinion, this balance is one of the most valuable things a human being can find or cultivate.

11 represents perspective and individuality in the midst of perfect harmony…two entities standing alone, but strengthened together.

Is it any wonder that years ago I envisioned 11/11/11 as the perfect wedding day? I still swoon just looking at the date because it’s so…symmetrical. Like a design or code. Of course, the aesthetic and symbolic qualities of a wedding date are hardly as important as, say, an actual groom.

No matter what, I will host an amazing 11/11/11 party as a celebration of all synergistic relationships we are lucky enough to have.

Now before you go thinking I’m just a sentimental fool, I’m certainly not alone. Much has been made of the 11:11 wish concept.


I’ve seen many cards on Postsecret referring to it.



See? YOU may be someone’s 11:11 wish. Have a lovely evening…


Google Image Odyssey: “Vincent Price Portrait”

Posted in image odyssey with tags on September 23, 2009 by shewalkssoftly

In keeping with my enthusiasm for all-things-spooky, I did an image odyssey for portraits of the inimitable Vincent Price.

Some results were photographs (including an entertaining selection of Mr. Price, looking startled or maniacal around food)…




Doesn’t he just ooze charisma?



Annex - Price, Vincent (Abominable Dr. Phibes, The)_01



Some were artistic renditions…




And a favorite of mine:

Wait for it…

Image Odyssey: Human Soul

Posted in image odyssey with tags on August 2, 2009 by shewalkssoftly

I was inspired by the recent Radiolab program called After Life to go on an image odyssey for the term “human soul.”

The program covers a series of ideas/musings on the moment we slip from life into whatever (if anything) lies beyond. Take a listen if such explorations strike your fancy.

I stayed clear of most modern religious “soul” depictions, simply out of personal preference. I much prefer images like this robot:


I do enjoy vintage woodcuts and prints of the “soul” though.



Some soul images were intriguing abstractions.



A tortured soul?

I love how this painting came up in the search (religious connotations? Yes. But too cool to pass up):

Google Image Odyssey: Sushi Cake

Posted in food, image odyssey with tags , on October 20, 2008 by shewalkssoftly

I’m not sure if sushi maintains its status as the ultra chic cultural phenomenon it once was…but I personally don’t like it, and don’t mind if that makes me uncool. I will, however, eat any number of bastardized sushi-styled delicacies like this wonderful cake I saw on flickr:

…which led to me seek out other “sushi cake” photos.

Look how beautiful! I’d have to pass on the coconut parts though:

And leave it to the inimitable Charm City Cakes to create fantastic cake realism:

I am curious and slightly wary of this much black confection material (which I can’t identify, but my knowledge of culinary arts is limited):

And for a slight variation, this candy platter takes the prize:

As far as I can tell, the next two are made of real sushi. But I must give credit where credit is due for the amazing work that went into these displays: