Google Image Odyssey: Sushi Cake

I’m not sure if sushi maintains its status as the ultra chic cultural phenomenon it once was…but I personally don’t like it, and don’t mind if that makes me uncool. I will, however, eat any number of bastardized sushi-styled delicacies like this wonderful cake I saw on flickr:

…which led to me seek out other “sushi cake” photos.

Look how beautiful! I’d have to pass on the coconut parts though:

And leave it to the inimitable Charm City Cakes to create fantastic cake realism:

I am curious and slightly wary of this much black confection material (which I can’t identify, but my knowledge of culinary arts is limited):

And for a slight variation, this candy platter takes the prize:

As far as I can tell, the next two are made of real sushi. But I must give credit where credit is due for the amazing work that went into these displays:

9 Responses to “Google Image Odyssey: Sushi Cake”

  1. *high fives you as part of the unhip anti sushi club*

  2. I’m a sushi-lover and I’m certain I would enjoy these confections almost as much as my salmon rolls. My mouth is watering just look looking at all of this decadence! Oh those sushi cravings are mighty pow’rful!

  3. nice pics, the last one is definitely plastic sushi that is commonly seen outside restaurant windows to show what food you are going to get. Saw it in Japan a lot when I was there..

  4. I can speak for the black confection material on cake #4; it was rolled out black licorice on top of a dark chocolate cake. Not the tastiest combination, but we ate the candy part separately.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Holy GOD

  6. Anonymous Says:


  7. Anonymous Says:

    That’s a lot of candy sushi. How long did it take you, a gazillion ages?

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