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Image Odyssey: Discontinued Cereals of the 70’s and 80’s

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It’s SO hard to narrow down my search results for this image odyssey. There are legions of bizarre and beloved crunchy, sugary relics to be found. Let’s start with some collages by Like Totally 80’s, where you can also find original commercials. It was all about toy, video games…and doughnuts. Lots of doughnuts. (Click images to enlarge)


What kind of cold hearted freaks could look at Gizmo and cancel this cereal? Look at those eyes! I’d eat a box that’s been sitting around since 1984 if this creature asked me to.



Who remembers Body Buddies? I had these as a kid. I think I believed they were healthy because of the deceptive name (and those awesomely strong kids on the box). Dear World, please notify me when sugary corn puffs become healthy. Thanks.

Barbie? No wonder this failed. Everybody knows she has black coffee and cigarettes for breakfast.



Poor King Vitaman didn’t reign for long.

These were before my time, but I’m sad to see any monster cereal go.

I’m not sure what prompted anyone, ever, to think that grape flavored grains and marshmallows was a good idea. This has to pass…committees and stuff.

I’m sure this got discontinued because no one wanted to bother writing the name on a grocery list. Still, the premise of a robot who shoots out sweetened morsels when tickled was gold.

It’s not cereal, folks. It’s a cereal system, which sounds undeniably sophisticated.

If someone handed me chocolate food…filled with chocolate…I’d be calling him Mr. Wonderful too.


Image Odyssey: Galaxy Easter Eggs

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I’m not dyeing any Easter Eggs myself. But if I were, I’d like to take a crack (no pun intended) at galaxy eggs.




Perhaps next year I’ll find a tutorial and whip some of these up.

Bonus solar system:


Are you dyeing eggs? Any special designs?

Halloween Countdown: Dancing Skeleton Shirt Roundup

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Pinterest inspired me to do a search for dancing skeleton shirts. I do believe my wardrobe should contain one to display my enthusiasm for the Halloween season (though I’d wear it all year).

Here are some I came across…

Found here

Found here

Found here

Found here

Found here

Found here

Found here

Found here

Found here

Love this one…but $282 for a T-shirt?

Do you like any of these?

Image Odyssey: Origami Bat

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Let’s keep getting in the Halloween mood, shall we? How about a roundup of origami bats?

Source for those above







Anyone have links to others, or examples of ones you’ve made?

Image Odyssey: Migraine Art

Posted in art, image odyssey with tags , on June 8, 2012 by shewalkssoftly

After mentioning a migraine, I woke up to a collection of explode-y head imagery (and a glorious decapitation cure) from a dear friend and soul sister.

What more could I ask for in life than friends who “get” me enough to make this sort of perfectly twisted, kind gesture?

Carrie shared one possible cure:

And here are some other migraine inspired art pieces I came across:



Oh wow…others have visited this topic before.


And a favorite, due to the appropriate uncomfortable use of color and contrast…and the puke bucket.

Image Odyssey: Art Deco Cakes

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These first few come from Cake Wrecks.





This almost looks inedible:


Image Odyssey: Awful Jesus Tattoos

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I try to be an informed, responsible citizen and pay attention to the news. However, while browsing for important content that is somehow relevant to the state of the human condition, I came across something that The Internets deem quite newsworthy: Justin Bieber’s new Jesus tattoo.

So I figured there must be tons of awful Jesus tattoos out there. My search did not disappoint.

People of all religions or lack thereof…let us unite in our common faith in human beings…to make bad decisions.

Is this Jesus, Will Ferrell, or some kind of hybrid Ferrell Christ?

I don’t know what to say about this, other than “that’s a shame for everyone involved:”

Hm. Okay.

It looks like Jesus wears his sunglasses at night…

Just put the eyes *somewhere* on the face. Anywhere will do.

Easy, breezy, beautiful Cover Christ (Jesus is wearing Cover Girl smudge proof mascara, in “Film Noir”):

I’m speechless…I’m…sorry…I’m…uncomfortable and confused.

Poor Jesus looks so disgusted to be on this man’s head that he’s downright ill. I don’t blame him.

Same here:

Ready for a different twist? Jesus WITH a tattoo! Don’t like it? Tell it to his acid wash jeans!

Sadly, this post will probably get more hits (and disappointed viewers) than anything I’ve posted in years because it contains the words “Justin Bieber.”

Image Odyssey: Victorian Flea Circus

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I have no idea why I decided to seek out “Victorian Flea Circus” images. Just a whim. I’ve had stranger ones.

Not all of these images are Victorian, obviously. I just used the search term because I wanted to find flea circuses with that special antique feel.

A little flea circus info.

Image Odyssey: Forefathers in Wax

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Today in the US we celebrate our Independence Day. I’m not exactly the type to throw on red, white and blue and wave an American flag…but I’ll gladly give you some unsettling waxworks of American forefathers.

George Washington’s cold dead eyes welcome you…

These are actually supposed to be Benjamin Franklin:

A little bit o’ Lincoln:

Looking like the sinister cousin of Mr. Rogers (hide your kiddies)…

Group shots!

And two bonus images from Neatorama

Awesome Statue of Liberty construction shot:

And Lady Liberty herself looking eeeeeevil.

Image Odyssey: Vintage Strongman

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On any given day, I’m guilty of countless curiosity tangents. After seeing one word or image that strikes me, I’m liable to spend (too much) time in search of related images, information and anecdotes.

Today? VINTAGE STRONGMEN, inspired by these bandages seen on Swissmiss:

Outlets for the general fascination with physical strength shape-shift through generations, but the fascination itself appears to be a constant of the human experience.

Since images like the ones above are easy enough to search out (if you’re so inclined…which you’re probably not), I’m going to focus on a few of the things that surprised me in my strongman odyssey.

I came across many more dolls and toys than I expected. Particularly modern ones. There’s a strongman revival in the works, folks. Believe it.

Perhaps the toy trend comes from the recent hipster adoption and pop culture resurrection of the handlebar moustache.

They just kept popping up!

Inherently contradictory paper strongman:


There are a variety of vintage toys as well.

No idea about this one…

I really wonder what this old “Rover” LP sounds like:

For those who wanted to measure their own “strongmanity” (my adjective describing one’s degree of strongman attributes):

Lou has Muscles and Might (though surprisingly weak ankles):

Mildly uncomfortable…

More uncomfortable…

Best left unexplored, really…

Yearning to know more? Try a Composite Guide.

There were indeed comic representations too, but that’s a whole other story.

I’ll wrap it up here with a classic poster.

You’ll find the greatest wealth of images on Oldtime Strongman (I didn’t take images from the site for this post because I found the logos distracting to look at, but much effort clearly went into this site).

This post is dedicated to the mighty Buff Jenkins, who has helped me loosen many a jar lid. May your tankinis always be striped and well-fitted!