Image Odyssey: Christ Cake

It’s that time of year again! That joyous time in an oddity blogger’s life when awful religious parephrenalia starts popping up in relation to the holidays (and time for disclaimers about how this blog does not intend to offend or insult anyone’s faith).

The other day I somehow found myself internally exclaiming the phrase Christ Cakes! when someone cut me off in traffic. Don’t ask me why.

But now I give you…CHRIST CAKES!

I encountered a number of images wishing Jesus a happy birthday, like this 1970’s plastic doormat…er…cake. Someone got a little crazy with the star shaped icing tube attachment.

I think I saw this guy at Whole Foods…

Eat this hazard at your own risk. May cause severe hemorrhaging.


Are you ready for this? Wait for it…

RED SOX CHRIST! (Johnny Damon Cake)

12 Responses to “Image Odyssey: Christ Cake”

  1. Sweet Jesus!! Hahaha…. awesome.

    I think that last one might possibly be Johnny Damon, a Sox player who just looks a ton like Jesus. (Only know this because of my former roommate Eric, Mr. Red Sox.) But if somebody intentionally decided Jesus was a Sox player, it’s even funnier! 🙂

  2. AHH! AHH!! Do they know he was actually born in March? *sigh* I’m not even religious and I know that.

  3. Duh. Everyone knows Zombie Jesus was born in March.

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      An interesting thing happened in the image search. Around the 6th page, various incarnations of Zombie Jesus started showing up a lot.

  4. something tells me that these are ‘sinfully’ delicious 😉

  5. here’s a new crucified Jesus Cake my Wife and I made…

  6. […] smash: She Walks Softly) var addthis_config = […]

  7. Hello:

    Loved the food, awesome check out Christ Cakes they have a cheesecake we all should try, they are Strawberry Ice Cream Cheesecakes with Almond Windmill/Gingersnap Cookie Pie Crust 11 for $20.
    CitySide Ministries International

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  8. The Johnny Damon cake is mine. Could you please correctly cite your source? Thanks.

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