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Camryn Forrest Designs

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Posted by proxy from Dana’s “stuff to blog” queue while she is on medical hiatus. She reads and appreciates all comments…and apologizes for not being able to respond at the moment.

I am just floored by the custom water globes by Camryn Forrest Designs. Look at the details on these! The names–the concepts. Well done!







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Medical hiatus no-typing mix…



James Ensor, The Skeleton Painter, 1896


I read and appreciate all comments. Apologies for not being able to respond at the moment.

Halloween Countdown: Labyrinth Creations

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It was this sculpture, entitled “Blood Donor” that drew me into Labyrinth Creations:

But there is some unique Halloween fare in the collection, worth checking out.

See more here.

Wordless Week: Klockwerks by Roger Wood

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Andie’s Specialty Sweets

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Andie’s Specialty Sweets has a host of classy edibles to embellish your cakes or baked goods.

Earl Grey flavored portrait lollipops:

Gears, for the steampunks:

Skeleton keys:


See more here.

Griffin Leather

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Many artists design accessories with skull prints these days, but Griffin Leather gives us a new twist with these hand crafted skull purses:

I know almost nothing about the process he uses to achieve this effect, aside from the fact that molding and resin are involved.

He has some incredible masks too, like this “blood demon:”

And there are a number of selections for those with a penchant for steampunk.

See more here.

Easter Desktop Goodies Part 2

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Just a small dose of pure evil here.

By Albrecht Dürer:

Another public display:

Now THIS is a rabbit installation (there was no source so I don’t know where it’s located):

Love this girl’s work (link on photo):


By the wonderful Femke Hiemstra:


Ghost Girl inspired eggs, done by Lauren Nemchik (thanks to the talented Tonya Hurley for sharing these!):

Steampunk egg:

Wow…this one has a little “stage” too!

Rather pretty…

Not the most elaborate Peeps diorama I’ve seen, but it gets major bonus points for the subject and wordplay:

Kitschy chickadees:

Fabulous vintage Easter hat featuring what seems to be…a colorful Shih Tzu:

Classic Easter parade gear:

This makes me sad. I highly doubt this feline felt “deprived of a proper Easter egg hunt” before being forced into this hideous torture hat.

And for the Alien fans out there:

Happy Easter to those who celebrate. If you feel like some blast from the past posts, check these out:

Sketchy Bunnies
Eggshell Sculptures
Easter Dekstop Goodies of the Past
Portrait Eggs

Mechanical Oddities

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I have to give steampunk credit where steampunk credit is due. These are some fine dice, by Mechanical Oddities.

Also available in iron finish.

Mechanical Oddities

The “It’s Alive!” Charity Project

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This is one of the greatest charity projects I’ve ever seen! Combine unique art, one of my favorite subjects AND one of my favorite organizations (St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital) and you get the “IT’S ALIVE!” Project.

The “Its Alive” Project celebrates eight decades of the Frankenstein Monster by presenting 80 re-imagined Life Size Boris Karloff Frankenstein Busts. Each of the 80 artists have been asked to recreate the monster in their own vision, style and hand.

See the amazing collection for sale here.
Read a brief excerpt on the St. Jude mission (and see why I love them!).

Stephane Halleux

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Stephane Halleux’s sculptures feel like retrofuturistic illustrations come to life.

I know these will be a hit with the steampunk crowd (I may have mentioned some of my conflicting feelings about that term before, so it’s not one I use often).

The oddly proportioned vehicles and chairs are splendid…

Stephane Halleaux