Stephane Halleux

Stephane Halleux’s sculptures feel like retrofuturistic illustrations come to life.

I know these will be a hit with the steampunk crowd (I may have mentioned some of my conflicting feelings about that term before, so it’s not one I use often).

The oddly proportioned vehicles and chairs are splendid…

Stephane Halleaux

11 Responses to “Stephane Halleux”

  1. The out of proportion cars remind me of the vehicle the main character used in the movie “Despicable Me.”

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      I didn’t see Despicable Me. Was it any good? Now that you mention it, the aesthetics do see similar.

      • Yes, it a fun an entertaining movie! Well, worth the 90 minutes of life spent.

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  2. zymurgyathome Says:

    Simply amazing!

  3. Says:

    These are cool, I love looking at the gallery on the website.

  4. I don’t know….there’s something sinister & disturbing about these sculptures

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