Sketchy Bunnies

Every year it seems a new site (or a few) pop up to honor the profoundly disturbing characteristics of rabbit mascots. This year, I bring you a few favorites from Sketchy Bunnies.

This lovely lady-bunny with the Tammy Faye eyes is destined for a makeup contract. Lashes so lush they turn the WHOLE EYE black!

At least this one avoided SOME of the whites of her eyes in makeup application.

Ideally, one’s makeup look should be balanced…

Oh come on…this just looks alien. Costume designers, please cease all attempts at rabbit eye makeup.

There is safety in numbers…


I didn’t know bunnies grew five o’clock shadows and could look like a disgruntled creepy uncle.

I’m not sure if this one “counts” since it’s intentionally evil, but I think the evil is well executed.

This one too…


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