Easter Roundup

Easter is high atop the list of holidays I don’t celebrate, but I do love the yearly reemergence of Cadbury Creme Eggs. This image comes from an online game Cadbury launched this season (it needs to me aimed at my mouth).


From Bob Doucette:

Lovely little bunnies from Ron English:

I spotted this rabbit on speed in a grocery store (note the oddly placed block of cheese next to him. Did he steal it in an amphetamine rampage?):

A bunch of bunnies by Frijol Boy:

This one’s a meat eater:

And this one is…like me:

Two by Nicoletta Ceccoli:

Double sweetness:

This is what you will dream after too much Easter candy:

No comments necessary.

Just a happy day in the garden…

Not sure I understand what they were going for with this military theme.

Love the Easter Witch!

And here’s a bit of nostalgia…

I feel awkward looking at this:

HAREdo! Get it? Get it?

Happy Easter…we’re halfway to Halloween!


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