Tonya Hurley: Ghost Girl

Sometimes the kindness of strangers absolutely blows me away. I was given a lovely set of Ghost Girl books (plus an awesome pillow case I plan to photograph) by Tonya Hurley.

From a purely aesthetic point of view, these books are beautifully constructed. Absolutely gorgeous.

I’m away from the books at the moment…which is a shame, because images taken from the internet do not show that the silhouette of Ghost Girl is actually cut out and placed behind a clear frame like a portrait.

Even the inside of the books contain wonderful detail. These are every bit as much works of art as they are novels.

I’ll be immersed in thousands of pages of Behavioral, Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience for the next number of months, so my fiction reading will be very limited. But if anyone has already read the Ghost Girl trilogy, please comment and tell me about it.

Check out the trailer for Lovesick. I wish this were a full length feature!

More fun stuff to browse on the website.

Ms. Hurley, thank you for making my day with this package and giving me some fun things to look forward to!


5 Responses to “Tonya Hurley: Ghost Girl”

  1. Sophia Walker Says:

    Fantastic! I love stuff like this… 🙂

  2. i love ur books i read them i started reading rest in popularaty and i love it i give it two thumbs up i love ur book !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

  3. Drea Koopo Drea ghost 😀

  4. this was a kool book 😉

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