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Desktop Goodies 5/25

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I’d love a copy of this.

This was the ONLY way to play with Weebles back in the day!

“Hey…would you cut me a slice of that potato salad?” I’m not sure why the mid-20th Century as a whole felt that all food was better served molded and congealed.

Maybe Snuggles can cook up something better.

Now THIS is a great piece of food!

My kinda cookbook…

Clearly the world’s most amazing self-help book:

And a book I want very badly!

A book that the occasional SheWalksSoftly reader might have actually had:

Why it pays to be nice…

“Hang on…I have to put my face on.”

An accessory for the man about town:

And quite the dress design…

I’m intrigued…

I never expected a Mighty Dark-Winged Avenging Lord of Chaos to be named “Bryan.”

Pleasant dreams, kiddies…

It seems I had a bunch of images lined up to post, so expect another Desktop Goodies installment soon…

Desktop Goodies 3/20

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Let’s start with an amazing real life Batmobile pig shaped food truck! I’ve never seen anything like this. Completely awesome.

And speaking of bats, this was actually a political cartoon of yesteryear:

When was the last time you saw a bat in striped boxer shorts?

Does anyone know the artist for this painting? I love the color scheme and lighting.

Excellent parenting:

“Gee, it’d be mighty swell if you’d be my date for the apocalypse!”

I feel like I’m looking into my future:

Don’t be fooled by brilliant marketing, ladies…I’ve worn apple scented perfume for 15 years and have yet to be bitten.

Who are YOU going to believe?

Where I sneak away at night…

Next time you’re on a boat, remember that this is exactly what’s going on underneath you.

LOVE these gentle specters:

A photo that takes my breath away:

This is an actual Victorian dress, as far as I know. I’d love to meet the woman who wore this color during that era.

And while we’re on the topic of vintage attire, this is what women used to wear before we only had the option of prepackaged “slutty hornet.”

(2012 versions often cover less than a swimsuit and have titles like “Queen Bee-otch”…I’m not kidding)

The “magpie” costume actually looks very much like my prom dress in 1997.

This costume beats them all though (insert choice pun about “hamming it up”).

The end.

Superbowl Food: Stadiums

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Hey Americans, did you know that today is apparently the day when some guys run until they all fall down, in hopes of moving this oddly shaped ball around?

That’s the extent of my football knowledge.

HOWEVER, one Superbowl tradition I completely get behind is the creation of completely obscene food items.

A new favorite is this collection of edible stadiums.

And this is what you’ll need to deal with Superbowl food:

Next year I’m going to a Superbowl party JUST to make a crazy food creation.

Desktop Goodies 1/23

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This has come up in about 5 of the blogs I typically follow…so Cyborg Gorbachev is really asking to be posted.

If I were a few inches tall, this would be my preferred mode of transportation.

Amazing doll concept by Ali Gulec:

These life-like Beavis and Butt-Head statues having been making the Internet rounds as well. Wonderful job crafting a photorealistic and rather horrifying vision of these two, Kevin Kirkpatrick. See a few more shots here.

Why I love being an introvert:

On a related note, I think this would make great club wear for introverts. It really sends the right message if one is not in the mood for human interaction: Come one step closer and I will BITE you!

Finally, the trendy luxury toward which I harbor an extreme distaste finds a home in serial killer apparel. THIS, I like.

I’m with you, Neil!

Fatal Attraction had NOTHING on this:

Bear with me for a moment of extreme adorableness…

And speaking of cats, take a look at what I always pretty much assumed would be my own future (everybody knows it’s not official until facebook says so…this is the real deal):

Ohhhh-kay, so I’ll admit that I only envision myself in a relationship with one or two cats. I’m about quality, not quantity.

Now we come to the portion of this blog post where I try to avoid making a pun about something being “fishy” here…

Usually at least one of my Desktop Goodies will launch me into utter confusion. Today’s baffling example (caption, anyone?):

…and by “Projection Equipment” they mean her brassiere:

Ladies, I’ll leave you with this romantic gift idea: raw meat.

Desktop Goodies 12/13

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Soon I will post some holiday goodies, but let’s see what non-celebratory things we have lurking on the desktop today…

To whet your appetite, we’ll begin with this stunning scene (about which I will refrain from commenting):

And for dessert: VITAMIN DONUTS. I believe this was once an actual product.

You can wash those donuts down with a glass of Pilk. It’s deloinkful. (This comes from the parody program “Look Around You”…which is wonderful)

And while we’re on the topic of programs (I wonder if I’ll have to deal with this in my practice someday)…

Does anyone know where this comes from? I can’t place it.

Ooh…getting ideas for future projects from this 17th century secret poison case…

Perhaps I should procure some Pink Pills for Pale People.

Kind of wish I were made of cogs, gears and wires…

Someone’s documented my party habits (except I probably wouldn’t even be drunk):

This post brought to you by Mr. Mandrake Root (wish I could remember where I got this from):

Desktop Goodies

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Holy Meatscape! Be still, my cholesterol-laden heart!

Ground control to Major Squirrel…

This is how to get me to follow you anywhere…trail of candy jars.

Ah, art imitating life. These two are positively inseparable in the wild.

Mmmmm…I bet she never slept better.

Take note, gentlemen…getting her in a headlock with a seemingly imminent neck snap MAY spoil the mood. Ladies, take note…limp and lifeless is the proper amorous stance:

I’m not sure if this ad is cute, romantic, obscene, awkward…or all/none of the above.

Now THIS is a hot dog display! Look out, Xmas dinner table of mine…wiener tree is happening!

Which one of these cake wrecks would be the best complement to the wiener tree? Deadpan shock?

…or horrified zombie Santa from Hell?

Speaking of cakes, look at THIS (care of My Ghoul Friday):

I’m sorry, but this is seriously NOT how to become one with Jesus.

I’m used to the term “deluxe” meaning that my sandwich will come with fries on the side…not a severed human head with glass eyes.

Never underestimate what nature does when you’re not looking. I leave you with a philosophical question: if a tree eats a fence in the forest and no one is around to see it…does the fence still get digested in a fibrous mass of sappy, fibrous tree guts?

Desktop Goodies 9/29

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Quite an interesting articulation…

Couldn’t help but laugh at this:

Aww…it wouldn’t surprise me if someone started selling soaps on Etsy designed to look like these (there has been a surprising amount of fetus soap…why not put a sea life spin on it?).

A vintage depiction of an onion bringing HERSELF to tears. How meta.

Yes, it’s a claw…but doesn’t it look like an alien head?

So much pink…so much…meat. Valiant effort on the part of the meat roller.

The logical dessert spread after a setup like the above would clearly come from this book:

I’ve seen some bad wax figures, but Wax Jesus is looking a little rough.

I suppose it could be worse…these things could be happening.

Ha! No idea where this comes from, but it’s entertaining.

Here, have some emotions:

And now for your daily dose of confusion: