Desktop Goodies

The image above…perhaps designed to be mildly unsettling…is nowhere NEAR as unsettling as this (originally un-ironic) piece of Thrift Horror:

Quite possibly my favorite comic panel of the month:

Now onto a little anatomy…

Nice legs…

If I had the proverbial “thinking cap,” I might want it to look a bit like this:

And speaking of thinking…perhaps “brain bats” are a great descriptive metaphor for certain mental states.

In my humble opinion, “vacation hair” may be among the least of his problems.

Fish heads, fish heads…

That photo reminds me of this extremely surreal video:

And now to cater to my love of flying squirrels (can anyone really be unmoved by this degree of sweet awesomeness?)…

This post brought to you by meat.

4 Responses to “Desktop Goodies”

  1. Great post and images. Love those brain bats!

  2. The chap with an eyeball for a head bathing in the middle there is from a Japanese manga/anime/movie called Gege Gege no Kitaro. That’s Kitaro’s eye/grandfather if I remember correctly… or something like that.

    There’s a whole cast of characters you should check out, all are famous Japanese yokai (youkai). Yokai are spirits/monsters/ghosts/what-have-you. You should also check out Taakashi Miike’s film Yokai Daisenso. The nurikabe is one of my particular favorites.

  3. That kind of tihinkng shows you\’re on top of your game

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