Desktop Goodies

Holy Meatscape! Be still, my cholesterol-laden heart!

Ground control to Major Squirrel…

This is how to get me to follow you anywhere…trail of candy jars.

Ah, art imitating life. These two are positively inseparable in the wild.

Mmmmm…I bet she never slept better.

Take note, gentlemen…getting her in a headlock with a seemingly imminent neck snap MAY spoil the mood. Ladies, take note…limp and lifeless is the proper amorous stance:

I’m not sure if this ad is cute, romantic, obscene, awkward…or all/none of the above.

Now THIS is a hot dog display! Look out, Xmas dinner table of mine…wiener tree is happening!

Which one of these cake wrecks would be the best complement to the wiener tree? Deadpan shock?

…or horrified zombie Santa from Hell?

Speaking of cakes, look at THIS (care of My Ghoul Friday):

I’m sorry, but this is seriously NOT how to become one with Jesus.

I’m used to the term “deluxe” meaning that my sandwich will come with fries on the side…not a severed human head with glass eyes.

Never underestimate what nature does when you’re not looking. I leave you with a philosophical question: if a tree eats a fence in the forest and no one is around to see it…does the fence still get digested in a fibrous mass of sappy, fibrous tree guts?

10 Responses to “Desktop Goodies”

  1. waterbreather Says:

    I think I am going to make myself a weiner tree this season…

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      How funny would it be if I had a “Wiener Tree Contest” for readers of this blog…and award a prize? 🙂

  2. Love these, especially the fence gobbling tree…and the weiner tree!

  3. It’s totally worth it to spend the extra $15 for glass eyeballs. Otherwise it’s kind of a waste.

  4. phairhead Says:

    i’d be down w/ a christmas time weiner tree contest! 😀

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Oh wow…it would be awesome if we could get enough people on board. It would certainly be one of the most unique blog contests out there this season!

  5. Chunkernoggin Says:

    This wiener tree contest…would it be PG-13? If so, then I’m all out of ideas.

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