Desktop Goodies

Classic toy…mildly menacing…

The glowing soul of an industrial plant…

One of those days.

Fire retardant shorts? Not doing a very good job, it seems.

Take THAT, Lady Gaga…you’re not the first to dress in meat.

And here we have the inspiration for The Human Centipede; the worst sculpture in the known universe.


I give you heart shaped whale anatomy…for future use on your handmade valentines.

Welcoming, indeed.

And I leave you with this sage advice:

7 Responses to “Desktop Goodies”

  1. phairhead Says:

    so that’s what my cat does when i’m not home!

  2. Where did you get that pictures of the dog thinking, “Black Thoughts”? That looks like the work of artist Adam Meuse and his book, “Sad Animals.” I have a number of his pictures on my computer that I’ve been meaning to send to you.

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Please send those sad animals to me! My source for “Black Thoughts” didn’t have any credit to a book/artist!

    • Yes, the freeze was deitvtaasng for me, a tiny vegetable garden-gardener. This was my first time trying a winter garden. My freeze protection device was a Wal-mart Blue tarp which I draped over higher than vegetable sticks. The perimeter was protected somewhat by trash bags filled with leaves and debris I had raked with the fall leaf raking. I provided heat under the tarp with a 100 wt non-efficient light bulb. This length of time and depth of the cold temperatures took a hit and destroyed the tomatoes, which were really beginning to set fruit and the peppers-green and jalepenos. Most likely due to the inadequate light bulb. I might have saved them if I had added a second Light bulb. The geraniums also lost. But the collards, leaf lettuce, broccoli and swiss chard did survive. I’m thinking of expanding my endeavors next fall and to build some sort of low budget greenhouse. Any ideas? As a senior, and planning to augment my shopping with the produce from my garden, I’ll need something that I can pretty much build myself from basically home salvage.

  3. Egad! The images that will stay with me this morning!

  4. […] always catch our attention. Particularly old-timey pictures of burning kids like this one from  She Walks Softly. Turns out, this one is a little too good to be true, as it’s not the vintage advertisement […]

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