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Carl Warner: Landscapes of the Meal

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Without knowing where it came from, I featured one of Carl Warner wonderful meatscapes in this desktop goodies post.

Turns out, there are many more “Landscapes of the Meal” where that came from!

When I first saw these images, I thought they were strictly graphic design, but they are actual sculptures.

Creating an edible landscape takes several days. First designed by selected foods. Then two or three days spent on the construction and landscape photography…each scene is photographed layers. Just a few days spent on retouching and combining all layers and elements of photography.

See more absolutely amazing foodscapes here and on Carl Warner’s website.

Desktop Goodies 8/15

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Let’s begin this post with a luminous sunrise over the rolling hills of a meatscape…

As you may know by now, I love photos of glistening industrial structures.

Nature is amazing.

Two bits of street art that really grabbed my attention recently:

Excellent display.

He’s late for a very important date, indeed…

No idea:

Had this mode of transportation been available to me, I might have attempted to attend Sunday school…once.

I know nothing about the origin of this illustration, save for the title: “Experiment With a Unicorn Horn.”

Arguably the world’s most useful superpower:

I wonder if there’s a number around which the subject matter starts to get a bit tired (101? Really? It’s almost impressive).

Ooh…the candle makes it fancy.

A beautiful clock (it sings!) for the minimalist:

Where is this an actual problem?

I’ve saved the best for last. Here’s a great wedding greeting to send all your newlywed friends. Feel free to post your interpretations in the comments.

Desktop Goodies

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Classic toy…mildly menacing…

The glowing soul of an industrial plant…

One of those days.

Fire retardant shorts? Not doing a very good job, it seems.

Take THAT, Lady Gaga…you’re not the first to dress in meat.

And here we have the inspiration for The Human Centipede; the worst sculpture in the known universe.


I give you heart shaped whale anatomy…for future use on your handmade valentines.

Welcoming, indeed.

And I leave you with this sage advice:

Vintage Valentine Roundup: Masochistic, Murderous and Meaty

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I’ve collected hundreds of vintage Valentine images, but I’m not currently in possession of the hard drive that houses them all. Here are a few that I recently saved to my desktop. Cutesy Valentines abound, so here are some that showcase the darker leanings of the holiday.

Welcome to the gun show…

Double pun action!

Let this be a lesson not to mix your puns:

Refusal is not advised…

Fiery sentiments…

Of Feline Bondage…

I don’t trust him…

Is she implying that she’s a piece of crap?

Submissive Cow looks like the sad, daytime talk show guest of the animal kingdom.

In other words…”eat me.”

If someone could kindly explain this creature to me…

And the award for most depressing Valentine ever goes to…SUICIDAL SKUNK! He has not one, but TWO ways to off himself, ready and waiting. You can tell by the look on his face that he’s not going to snap out of this so easily. It’s hardcore.

Pavlov’s Steak

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I greatly admire the work of Ivan Pavlov. Turns out the Yale University archives have a piece of meat signed by Pavlov himself.

Pavlov was visiting pioneer brain surgeon Harvey Cushing when a piece of new surgical equipment caught his eye.

Pavlov was captivated by the new electrosurgical knife Cushing used in the operation, and at the end of the procedure, Cushing got a piece of beef so that the elder scientist could try his hand. After making a few incisions, Pavlov inscribed his name into the meat. “I asked him whether he wanted me to eat the meat in the hope of improving my conditional reflexes,” Cushing wrote in his journal, “or whether we could keep it in the museum, the latter we will proceed to do—’Pavlov’s beef-steak.’” A collector of old medical books and of brain tumors, when he died in 1939 Cushing bequeathed both to Yale, where his rare books would become the cornerstone for creating the Medical Historical Library.


Desktop Goodies

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The image above…perhaps designed to be mildly unsettling…is nowhere NEAR as unsettling as this (originally un-ironic) piece of Thrift Horror:

Quite possibly my favorite comic panel of the month:

Now onto a little anatomy…

Nice legs…

If I had the proverbial “thinking cap,” I might want it to look a bit like this:

And speaking of thinking…perhaps “brain bats” are a great descriptive metaphor for certain mental states.

In my humble opinion, “vacation hair” may be among the least of his problems.

Fish heads, fish heads…

That photo reminds me of this extremely surreal video:

And now to cater to my love of flying squirrels (can anyone really be unmoved by this degree of sweet awesomeness?)…

This post brought to you by meat.

Meat Heart

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Has anyone actually seen these meaty expressions of love in supermarkets this week? Not a bad thing to cook up for your favorite carnivore as a Valentine.