Halloween Countdown: Desktop Goodies #1

Don’t know the origin of this, but I love the extra written touch.

This kid’s face is not exactly what I’d call “joyful.” At least the trees are happy.


A very intricately done Day of the Dead hanging bat!

This seriously looks like she’s wearing her sister’s skin.

A little macabre for a greeting, no (that pumpkin is crying actual tears while getting murdered). What’s with the gleeful spectators? Is this some kind of Gladiatorial event for squash and…elves?

The source said this is a real Victorian postmortem, but I have trouble believing it’s not doctored. Still…maybe the photographer was just really, REALLY late.

Gorgeous custom Monster High doll!

I wish this item hadn’t been taken down for sale/display. I would’ve done a feature post on the crafter of this fine wooden witch carving.

At first it looks like a strange pose, but my black cat Dr. Morbius does this gravity defying move all the time.

So long kiddies…pleasant dreams…


8 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: Desktop Goodies #1”

  1. I’m sure those trees just want a pleasant chat. But man, that “sister’s skin” thing is way too true. Yikes!

  2. Oooooooooh!! I love that bat!

  3. Colleen Van Voorhis Says:

    That postmortem pic is… Yikes! I’d like to know the story behind that one.

  4. I’m sure it’s not the same thing, but I love that doll and it reminds me a bit of these: https://instagram.com/pidgindoll/

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