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Agne Gintalaite: Beauty Remains

Posted in decay, photography with tags , , on August 11, 2016 by shewalkssoftly

One of my favorite things about art in general is its ability to reframe the utterly mundane aspects of life in a way that enables us to find beauty where we least expect it. I bet if I asked you to name something beautiful, “Lithuanian garage doors” wouldn’t be first on your list. But Agne Gintalaite saw something in these often ignored structures and created the Beauty Remains project.


In her own words:
I have always been attracted by a peculiar phenomenon of late socialism, large garage areas, called ‘garage towns’ in Lithuanian. Spanning extensive areas, these garages were part of the social fabric…Clearly, such garages were not just a matter of convenience, but rather homes for cars, which in turn were not so much a means of transport, but rather mechanical pets, that required time, attention and an array of extraordinary tools to fix them.


By documenting these objects that are, most likely, about to disappear from Lithuanian society, I wished to communicate to the viewer the ambivalent, aesthetic, but also human significance of these garage doors.
Beautifully [painted], these doors do not need be explained to the beholder. It is the fascinating play of colour and texture that I attempted to capture with my camera.


But in doing that I found myself documenting human dignity: the dignity of the garage owners, elderly, definitely not rich people, who, by sticking to their property, garages, literally maintain their ground in an urban landscape on which big businesses increasingly make claim.


Agne Gintalaite


Dan Mountford: Double Exposure

Posted in photography with tags , on July 21, 2016 by shewalkssoftly

Check out Dan Mountford’s double exposure photography.


His juxtapositions in these photographs are surreal and beautifully designed.



Dan Mountford

Chompoo Baritone: The Truth Behind Instagram

Posted in photography, satire, soapbox with tags , , on June 13, 2016 by shewalkssoftly

I remember applauding teenage social media supermodel Essena O’neill for coming out about the staged (and often miserable) truth behind her “candid” shots. In a gesture few 19 years olds in our likes-obsessed society could muster, she quit social media so as not to define her worth by superficial standards.

Chompoo Baritone’s photo series about the truth behind Instagram is decidedly less poignant and depressing than the heavier themes evoked by O’Neill’s re-editing her own captions to reflect the truth of spray tans, boosted bosoms, stomach suck-ins and hours of strategic posing.

These photos are rather humorous to look at because they show how much better even the most mundane crap can appear on social media.




This is a great example of why we can never compare our lives to others…but we can certainly enjoy the beauty of the mundane in these tiny snapshots.

Chompoo Baritone

Franz Szony

Posted in photography with tags on May 13, 2016 by shewalkssoftly

I can’t believe I hadn’t been aware of Franz Szony’s work until my dear friend Rachel pointed him out recently.


Szony’s creations fall somewhere between photography and painting, in a fantastical realm that is both soft and undeniably edgy.

His subjects possess a surreal, impossibly polished beauty (rather like a kind of ultra-modern Baroque), glowing and glistening in their alternate realities which defy the laws of time and space.

Each image may have familiar elements, but takes on a kind of dreamlike, mythic, archetypal feeling. All are positively gorgeous.

Enter the realm of imagination: Franz Szony

Antique Melodramatic Shakespearean Actor Portraits

Posted in antiques, humor, photography, theater with tags , , , on April 28, 2016 by shewalkssoftly

Atlas Obscura Just posted a feature on “gloriously melodramatic” Shakespearean actor portraits dating back over a Century ago.


Studio portraits were self-promotional tools which often depicted actors in a dramatic pose, against a backdrop of scenery. This may be my favorite I’ve seen (tied with the one above):


While some of them are humorous, they do serve the purpose of demonstrating an actor is capable of the exaggerated expressions necessary to convey emotion from a stage (or grainy film).

The male character portraits seem more entertainingly dramatic, but you can see some ladies over at Atlas Obscura too.

Leopold and Rudolph Blaschka: Sea Creature Glass Models

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Leopold and Rudolph Blaschka were a German father and son glass sculpting team who created stunning, detailed biological models in the 1800’s.


As a child, Leopold was a apprenticed to a goldsmith and gem cutter. He then gained experience in the family business making glass ornaments and glass eyes, during which time he developed a technique which he termed “glass-spinning” (allowing highly precise works in glass).


His son Rudolph assisted him in making 131 marine invertebrate models in a single year (circa 1880), and after a great deal of effort and prodding by proprietor George Lincoln Goodale, their work ended up in the Harvard Botanical museum.

I wonder how many of these beauties are surviving today. These photos are taken from Guido Mofacio’s photography exhibit, on display at Hamilton’s Gallery until May 24th, 2016.

Miles Aldridge

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This Technicolor photo set of Estelle Chan by photographer Miles Aldridge captivated me with its surreal vintage flare.


Everything is so sublimely artificial and constructed; a glorious Stepford Wife presentation that one can hardly help editorializing at a glance.




These color-saturated high fashion shots are undeniably cinematic. Alridge says “I want to set a sort of unsettling message. But my trick is to sugarcoat it in these bright colors.”

Mission accomplished, sir!

Miles Aldridge

Desktop Goodies 4/10

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Let’s start with some sea inspired fashion…


And a gorgeous octopus ice sculpture:

A stunning still frame.

I like the way this woman thinks. Pizza will never break your heart.

A beautiful soul is made of rabbits.

Oh thank you, Rachel, for this…and your other invaluable contributions to this post.

index (2)

I’m sure it’s happening somewhere…

Traveling in style.

I approve of this progression.

Yep, it’s a wig made of countless earbuds on strings…for people who want to have listening parties and don’t care about personal space.

Who remembers this?

All of my outfits are based on various diaphonized specimens. Fashion at its finest.

Desktop Goodies 3/10

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Let’s take a moment to ogle the beauty of nature…


For some reason, people feel slightly uneasy in this chair.

A tad crass…but definitely my favorite faux Rand McNally cover:

Couldn’t they have thought of more appetizing adjectives than “semi-liquids?” I suppose it beats “lumpy, congealed and vomitous.”

Dana, Don’t make a joke about this car being cheesy…Don’t make a joke about this car being cheesy…Resist!

Did anyone have this as a kid? It looks awesome.

How can I get my hands on this book? This woman absolutely has life figured out.

Incredible building of unknown origin.

Gorgeous modern interpretation of Danse Macabre!

The old one was no fun at all…

A children’s book illustration. I’m sure no one had nightmares or anything.

Jerry Uelsmann

Posted in photography, surreal with tags , on March 8, 2016 by shewalkssoftly

Jerry Uelsmann began creating his surreal, fantastical photographs in the 1960’s using darkroom techniques. So advanced was his vision that the developers of Photoshop actually contacted HIM for help as the program was being created.

Rather like dreams, symbols and archetypes, each person brings their unique sensibilities and associations to these photographs. They are comprised of crisp elements of reality, yet are timeless and open-ended metaphors.

In his portfolio we find a lot of nature-focused subject matter. With only a peripheral glance, one may entirely miss the fact that the laws of time and space as we know them do not exist in this work.

The dynamic tension between real and unreal can unravel some interesting thoughts.
untitled-waterfallboat copy

Jerry Uelsmann