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Desktop Goodies 8/24

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I’ve been looking at a lot of historical nautical maps lately. What maps lacked in accuracy 500 years ago, they sure made up for with extravagant design. I’d be pretty thrilled if this guy showed up on my GPS.

Sadly, it’s pretty clear that “solitudes” has a double meaning here.

I don’t think this is what she meant by “Calgon, take me away!”

Actually, he said you guys were more like acquaintances. Just sayin’.


DY-NO-MITE! Actual mites, I mean.

You mean cats can saw wood and build things while mine have been eating and sleeping all day? Freaking freeloaders.
7 (1)

Speaking of cats…

That new fertilizer did wonders for the harvest.
7 (2)

Ugh. One of those evenings.

This requires careful planning.

I stared at this for like five minutes in a futile attempt to decide which one is creepier.

Desktop Goodies 5/10

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How do I get my hands on this?

This came up in my Amazon suggestions. Best mouse pad I’ve ever seen. I may buy it for my such clicks and many scrolls. And I like its enthusiasm: “Wow.”

I tried to find this album on YouTube so we could take a listen. Art definitely looks the part(y) here.

Dapper Vegetable Man. Wait for it…nobody BEETS him! (See what I did there?)

I have no idea who makes these, but they’re rather amazing.

Take this, Darwin…

Awkward Christ and puppet induced ecstasy:

So chilling…

Control your giant blob, dude.

Not the most practical default posture…but terrifying nonetheless.

“And then the Mammoth took the two of them in the circle of his trunk, and threw them into space.”
weird tales (1)

Anyone have these as a kid?
weird tales (2)

The look on the little kid’s face really drive home “poor life choices.”
weird wayne1

Renee French

Posted in anthropomorphic, art, you can't handle the cute with tags , , on April 3, 2016 by shewalkssoftly

It was this particular character that drew me into Renee French’s work. This fellow was the subject of a daily drawing series, and each one was amazingly expressive. I love this little lump with limbs.

A deeper look in her portfolio brings us a plethora of creatures; some impossibly wide-eyed and cute, others appearing content, trepidatious, shocked or frightened.


She does a brilliant job creating very nuanced emotions in her non-human subjects.


Renee French’s work

The Harp-Playing Pig Automaton

Posted in absurd, anthropomorphic, antiques, automata, creatures with tags , , , , on March 13, 2016 by shewalkssoftly

Jackson’s International Auctions had a listing for this rare 19th Century French automaton of a pig playing a harp.


This dapper swine music box moves his arms over the harp strings via a clockwork key windup.


He stands just over thirteen inches tall and sold for $2,160.00.



See the listing here.

David Daniel Alvarez and Julia D

Posted in anthropomorphic, art with tags , on February 22, 2016 by shewalkssoftly

Here we have a collaboration between David Daniel Alvarez and Julia D, featuring some fabulous anthropomorphic creatures in fancy apparel (and humans).


The source had a quote of interest regarding Alvarez:

Mesoamerica is one of the illustrator’s favorite subjects to produce works around. Recently he created a book surrounding Mesoamerican myth titled Ancient Night that follows a rabbit and opossum’s adventures with pulque, a fermented prehispanic beverage.

Um…yes please, I want to read that!





David Daniel Alvarez
Julia D

Femke Hiemstra

Posted in anthropomorphic, art, surreal with tags , , on January 5, 2016 by shewalkssoftly

How have I never posted about Femke Hiemstra in all the years I’ve been following her work?

Femke Hiemstra 1

She’s one of the greatest in pop surrealism’s large pool of imaginative, “anthropomorphizers” (that’s absolutely not a word, but it should be). Femke has a background in illustration, so we encounter typography and other hints of illustrative technique mixed with beautifully executed fine art.
Femke Hiemstra 2

She doesn’t use social networking, which find incredible in this day and age (I’m notoriously awful at social networking. I cannot keep up with it because my head is always in other things. I can’t help but admire those willing to ignore the phenomenon completely).
Femke Hiemstra 3

You can read a good interview over at WOWxWOW.
Femke Hiemstra 4

Femke Hiemstra

Halloween Countdown: Desktop Goodies #1

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Don’t know the origin of this, but I love the extra written touch.

This kid’s face is not exactly what I’d call “joyful.” At least the trees are happy.


A very intricately done Day of the Dead hanging bat!

This seriously looks like she’s wearing her sister’s skin.

A little macabre for a greeting, no (that pumpkin is crying actual tears while getting murdered). What’s with the gleeful spectators? Is this some kind of Gladiatorial event for squash and…elves?

The source said this is a real Victorian postmortem, but I have trouble believing it’s not doctored. Still…maybe the photographer was just really, REALLY late.

Gorgeous custom Monster High doll!

I wish this item hadn’t been taken down for sale/display. I would’ve done a feature post on the crafter of this fine wooden witch carving.

At first it looks like a strange pose, but my black cat Dr. Morbius does this gravity defying move all the time.

So long kiddies…pleasant dreams…


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