Wordless Week: Desktop Goodies (The Ultimate Silent Challenge!)


14 Responses to “Wordless Week: Desktop Goodies (The Ultimate Silent Challenge!)”

  1. In all seriousness, the marshmallow sleeping bags are pretty awesome!

  2. The sleeping bags remind me of the old joke about the man who dreamt he was eating a giant marshmallow and when he awoke, wait for it,… His pillow was gone!

    And by the way, what do bananas eat?

  3. Seeing those sleeping bags reminds of my I heart Fig Newtons shirt I had as a kid…..why did food companies get rid of those awesome promotions?

  4. Farming with dynamite? Lol! Don’t let Monsanto see this they might get some new ideas.

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      I dare say Monsanto already does worse. 🙂

    • it really is a good way to remove stumps. The dynamite shatter the stump so you can pull out each piece. Burning it is illegal in some places. Grinding it takes heavy machinery that you have to rent. Pulling it out often takes more traction and labor than you have. So often the best option is just to blow it up.

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  6. They’re making Jesus into Santa now?

    Sure hope there’s jams and jellies on the moon, then it’ll be perfect!

  7. Why is the banana serving up bananas? It’s like how the laughing cow eats cheese made out of milk pumped from herself and her brethren. It’s crazy!

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