Desktop Goodies 3/4

Alnwick Garden is now on my destination list.

The one kind of “medicine” I’d really like to overdose on:

Amazing outfits ahead! This was taken in 1915 (probably what I would have worn if I were around in that time period):

And now an incredible “sport dress” from 1885:

So, is this pretty much the greatest sweater of all time…or THE greatest sweater of all time?

And now for the requisite skeletons that somehow make it into all of these posts. I may have actually featured this before, but I just love it so much.

Be careful when someone asks to “pick your brain.” It may be literal.

With tooth-care proofs of purchase, one could acquire this fabulous dental clock from Zonweiss (well, a rather long time ago anyway):

Mmm…I love the hazy glow of this photo…

When writing a letter to me, please address it as such:

This is how I lift my elephants, too.

I do enjoy de-contextualized slices of vintage printed work…

Absolutely a cause for celebration!

Bats: is there anything they CAN’T do?

Oddly, a few images of bats dealing with headless things grace my desktop at the moment.

This one puts me in a good mood, instantly.

I confess to a bit of library corner lust for this globe lamp:

And these rings are wonderful (yet another example, like most of these images, of lack of sourcing in micro-blogs…does anyone know who makes these?):

I’ll close this post with a monstrously sweet image by McLean Kendree.


12 Responses to “Desktop Goodies 3/4”

  1. Loved these! So hard to pick a favorite. I too would love to visit the garden. You have to wonder, why the gates? Did someone sneak in at one time and not make it back out? I also enjoyed the skeleton picking the other’s brain:) Have a great day, Fluffy Ruffles! 😉

  2. These images are absolutely fascinating! So glad I came upon them.

    Best wishes! Elliott

  3. Anonymous Says:

    lovely! I believe the bat rings/bangles were made by this person: but I’m not sure

  4. Andy Clarke Says:

    Love that photo of the street lamps!

  5. That last one is a massive Axolotl gone wrong! That’s what happens from too much cake!

    • I felt I had to do my part in bringing awareness to the Axolotl obesity problem. Any more than a few cakes a day and they start heading down a slippery slope.

  6. لپ تاپ…

    […]Desktop Goodies 3/4 « SheWalksSoftly[…]…

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