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Halloween Countdown: Spooky SheWalksSoftly Jewelry

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My Etsy shop now has plenty of goodies that would be perfect accessories for Halloween season attire. They range from silly and spooky to sophisticated yet haunting.

Silent horror, spookshows, vintage illustration!

Skull cameos, Beistle classics, kitsch!

Lover’s Eyes (of man and beast)!

…and much more.

There is also a giveaway running this week, so be sure to check that out.

SheWalksSoftly Etsy Shop


Halloween Countdown: SheWalksSoftly Store Giveaway!

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I’m celebrating the inaugural Halloween season for my brand new SheWalksSoftly Etsy store with a giveaway! Win ANY jewelry item of your choice (or a custom request).

This was originally an Instagram contest but I’m opening it up to blog readers! You can either follow on Instagram or Facebook and use the directions there, or participate via email by forwarding this post to at least 3 friends (please include as well, so I know you’ve participated).

Contest ends 10/12, 11pm EST. All entries will be assigned a number, and the winner drawn at random.


New Lover’s Eye Pendants on Etsy!

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For those who may want something a bit more low key than the bejeweled Lover’s Eye pieces in the store, I’ve added a series of them without any beading. Find them on Etsy here!


Lover's Eye brooch plain 1

Lover's Eye plain 1

Lover's Eye plain 3

All items can be fully customized.

SheWalksSoftly Etsy here

Brand New SheWalksSoftly Etsy Shop!

Posted in craft, jewelry, shewalkssoftlyetsy with tags , , on June 14, 2016 by shewalkssoftly

I’ve been meaning to do this for AGES. I finally opened an Etsy shop! The first collection of items is a series of Lover’s Eye jewelry (both very traditional and slightly modernized versions).


Pieces are fully customizable and come with a beautiful card about the Lover’s Eye origin.

For one month, readers of this blog get 15% off! Enter code BLOG15 at checkout.

If you like the store, please share with your networks. Thanks!

David Diamondheart: Ascension Art

Posted in jewelry, sculpture, spirit with tags , , on January 30, 2016 by shewalkssoftly

Ascension Art is a store on the 3d printing site Shapeways, specializing in sacred geometry.


The store description is “transformational jewelry and other objects of art that will accelerate you on your spiritual path.”


For those who are on a spiritual path, these do make excellent contemplative totems, reminding us of the ineffably beautiful interconnected truth of the Universe, the intricate splendor of the natural order and organizing principles.


Grand metaphysical principles aside…they are also just damn pretty to look at.


You can choose all types of colored plastic or metal for your custom printed piece. This even allows for a “trial” piece in plastic before investing in a more expensive high-quality version.


Ascension Art

The Odd Portrait

Posted in alchemy, craft, fashion, jewelry with tags , , , on November 24, 2015 by shewalkssoftly

I just received a very special custom piece from The Odd Portrait: a wrist cuff engraved with a phrase that holds deep meaning for me.


Solve et Coagula is Latin for “dissolve and rebuild.” It is an ancient term that represents complete alchemical transformation, mind body and spirit. After spending 20 years increasingly occupying beds and hospitals with misdiagnosed health issues, a couple of months ago I was finally diagnosed with a genetic immune disorder for which the treatment involves injecting a substance to break down my own tissue and following it with a substance to rebuild my immune system. It is literally a process of Solve et Coagula! But the emotional, mental and spiritual alchemy of this illness has been far more striking. I now have a beautiful reminder (which I’ll wear to treatment!) when I have trouble motivating myself to keep shooting for recovery.


As for the other designs you’ll find on the site, influences include “80’s punk and glam to 90’s grunge and rock n roll. Outdoor music festivals, urban graffiti art, and post apocalyptic dystopian movies.” I love the spirit and independence of this shop!

rock n roll spiked leather fashion

rock n roll spiked leather fashion

The Odd Portrait was founded when the creators got tired of selling factory made jewelry with huge seller fees and limited creativity. They went their own way, and now every piece is handmade and unique! No two are ever exactly the same. My kind of rebels.


Check out The Odd Portrait!

Halloween Countdown: Dichotomie

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There is a lot of spooky costume jewelry lining store shelves this season, but if you’re looking for some handmade, high quality accessories (admittedly way out of my price range), check out the offerings at Dichotomie.




This is definitely my favorite piece:


Arlo Edge Walker: Carved Pearl Skull Jewelry

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Arlo Edge Walker carves beautiful skulls into real pearls for jewelry (they seem a great medium, don’t they?).


Each piece is hand crafted, and one of a kind. It takes Arlo around 3 hours to delicately carve these skulls, but it’s clearly time well spent.

I love the subtlety of the design. One must look closely for the skulls to materialize.


Arlo Edge Walker


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LaliBlue creates adorable three dimensional necklaces featuring beloved fairy tale characters and other original creatures.

So much depth in a tiny piece!

The shop description says :
Handmade, childhood memories, classic tales, romantic jewelry, women’s accessories, vintage decor, tenderness,dreams, fantasy, dolls, circus, magic, dioramas … All this and much more will you find.

I love Pinocchio in the belly of the whale…

Alice falling down a rabbit hole…

And Miss Cauliflower (my favorite original piece!)



Posted in craft, jewelry with tags , on April 21, 2015 by shewalkssoftly

Although the pieces are a bit too pricey for my budget, I couldn’t help but drool a bit over the gorgeous, intricate metal work in Lunaireen’s designs.


They are so delicate, yet somehow…rather edgy and badass. They look like they bestow mystical powers of all varieties.