Desktop Goodies

Although I’m largely opposed to the idea of food in pill form (since eating is one of the finest pleasures in life), this is a pretty fine looking meal tray:

Love the movie…love this piece by Teetering Bulb.

Yeah, this is how most of my days start too…

Oh model in your lovely spine dress, I hate to see you go but I love to watch you leave…

Great photograph by Helen Warner:

ACTION JEANS! My ACTION SWEATPANTS actually have some of the same properties. Gotta be prepared if a fight breaks out while I’m scouring the Internet for art and reading science books in my room.

With the sheer proliferation of puns in this text, it must be self-aware, right?

On a related note, I’ve posted about vintage parade floats before, but here’s a new favorite:

Skullball Machine!

Speaking of skulls…

I’m not sure what it says about me that I put this image in my “Valentine” folder:

Paint just gets EVERYWHERE…

And while we’re on the subject of art, leave it to Regretsy to design this handy measurement tool for the less desirable side of some artistic personalities:

I’m not a camper, but I want this tent! Makes me want to venture out into the wilderness (which may or may not mean my own backyard).

And I’ll finish off with the desktop dose of confusion; trading cards seen on Agence Eureka.

Mmmm…steak in a can. That’s the good stuff.

11 Responses to “Desktop Goodies”

  1. Loads of utterly mad things here! “A frozen squid and a sad letter”, what on Earth??

  2. Fishbelly Says:

    I actually bought a pair of the Chuck Norris Jeans back in the day. Fit tight as h*ll I remember.

  3. Andy Clarke Says:

    Ack, first thing I thought of with that “meal tray” was counting out Sue’s two dozen pills each morning back in the day. 😛

    Love that spine dress though!

  4. Lindsay Larkin Says:

    I wish I could buy this for you.

  5. Skullball Machine! Yes!

  6. where is “a frozen squid and a sad letter” from, anyway?

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