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Albane Simon

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Is there such a thing as “whimsically apocalyptic?” After seeing Albane Simon’s collages, I’m inclined to believe there is.


She does a great deal of work for musicians, using vintage source material to create a delightful surreal, retrofuturistic vibe.


From the artist bio:
Imagine a world where linear time has lost all relevance. A place where past memories and future visions dance in a familiar present gone awry, this is where nightmares collide with lucid clarity.


I’ve been on a little alchemy craft kick lately, so I’m especially fond of this alchemical art inspired whiskey ad.

Albane Simon


Desktop Goodies 7/27

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I think this pairs nicely with the book above.

Gotta have standards.

I love how engaged Death is with his book.

Strangest strike banner ever. Unless you’ve seen a stranger one, in which case I really hope you share it with me.

Thank you Rachel, for showing me that Saran wrap and Bubble wrap are the fashion of the (retro) future. (Seriously ladies, would you be into a guy who confidently sauntered over to you in bubble wrap thigh highs?)

70's fashion

70’s fashion

I sense a seemingly incorrigible child and a maudlin, happy ending.



I can forgive the obvious impracticality of having a giant tube directly in the driver’s field of vision, because it’s clearly inspired by atomic structure.

A wonder what qualifies as a “good” or “mediocre” decapitation.

“Did anyone notice Grandma looked a little unwell today?

This could be a poster to promote neutering (PSA: countless healthy animals are put down in shelters due to overpopulation. Have your pet spayed/neutered!)

Retro Atomic Sci-Fi Kitchen

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Ceramic artist LuRu’s Retro Atomic Sci-Fi Kitchen is a truly awesome, completely handmade renovation.

Look at these incredible tiles!

Despite working with a small space, LuRu really rocked this theme. There’s even a sci-fi “stovescape!”

Yep…I’m completely in love with this tiling.

See many more pictures here.

Desktop Goodies 12/23

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By my talented friend Andy:








Cannot type/talk due to severe illness (all words courtesy of voice software or kind typing helpers)…I read and appreciate all comments…Apologies for not being able to respond.

The Predicta Meteor TV

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Here we have a counter offer to the modern flat screen set: The Predicta Meteor. Fully compatible with modern technology!


The Meteor is for those seeking a television that’s on par with the elevated aesthetic of their living space. Its departure from the rectangular form of the classic Predicta TV breaks into new design territory — pushing the envelope of television design and materials.


This product is about style. The aircraft-inspired legs and struts lift the design. Their unique form gives the base a forward-facing bulldog stance, while the mass of the solidly anchored set appears to hover.


The hand-built hardwood cabinet and legs are finished in hand-rubbed gloss black lacquer and accented by a maple top and grillwork. The 24-inch screen pivots on a polished CNC-machined brass collar, complementing the fine woodwork of the cabinet below. An acrylic-faced shadow box with polished brass back plate, bracketed by a pair of sculpted brass “air intakes”, provides depth behind the lighted dial channel selector.


Would you ever trade your modern set for this sweet retro style? I confess, I’d love to have one of these…not as a main set, but perhaps as a library/office addition.


Cannot type/talk due to severe illness (all words courtesy of voice software or kind typing helpers)…I read and appreciate all comments…Apologies for not being able to respond.

Telemedicine as Predicted in 1925

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*Posts are in “wordless” mode while severe illness limits my online time. I read and appreciate all comments, even if I can’t reply (though I’ll sure try!).*

Read a bit about it here.

2000th Post!

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Here we are at the SheWalksSoftly 2000th post! Let’s celebrate by looking at the predictions a German chocolate company had for the year 2000, circa 1900.

We are walking on water (supported by balloon devices, of course):

And here we fly like bats and birds!

The boat-train plows through the ocean…

20th Century visions of Skype:

See more here.

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Milan Bauer

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I wish I could read the text on the Milan Bauer website. Such wonderful eye candy…

These retrofuturistic surreal collages of mechanics, man and beast remind me ever so slightly of antique postcards (or perhaps antique postcards as I would like to envision them!).

The Ex Libris section really blew my mind with some of the anatomical inclusions (I wish there were high res, larger images available).

Explore the website here.

Desktop Goodies

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Although I’m largely opposed to the idea of food in pill form (since eating is one of the finest pleasures in life), this is a pretty fine looking meal tray:

Love the movie…love this piece by Teetering Bulb.

Yeah, this is how most of my days start too…

Oh model in your lovely spine dress, I hate to see you go but I love to watch you leave…

Great photograph by Helen Warner:

ACTION JEANS! My ACTION SWEATPANTS actually have some of the same properties. Gotta be prepared if a fight breaks out while I’m scouring the Internet for art and reading science books in my room.

With the sheer proliferation of puns in this text, it must be self-aware, right?

On a related note, I’ve posted about vintage parade floats before, but here’s a new favorite:

Skullball Machine!

Speaking of skulls…

I’m not sure what it says about me that I put this image in my “Valentine” folder:

Paint just gets EVERYWHERE…

And while we’re on the subject of art, leave it to Regretsy to design this handy measurement tool for the less desirable side of some artistic personalities:

I’m not a camper, but I want this tent! Makes me want to venture out into the wilderness (which may or may not mean my own backyard).

And I’ll finish off with the desktop dose of confusion; trading cards seen on Agence Eureka.

Mmmm…steak in a can. That’s the good stuff.

Noah Doely

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I am completely in love with Noah Doely’s photographs.

Perfectly surreal little worlds in sepia, with just the right amount of macabre, mystery and wonder…

See more here.