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Wordless Week: Desktop Goodies (The Ultimate Silent Challenge!)

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Desktop Goodies 7/8

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I want to go here. So badly.

Anyone know the artist for this?

I do not know this woman, but her batty glasses indicate she’s probably pretty great.

This woman, too…

A child destined for greatness.

I really want this game!

Bats and cats…oh my.

Now let’s get serious and talk about death. Great book title:

And another:

I would absolutely read this one.

Another incredible title.

Does anyone have this? I couldn’t find it anywhere, but I’m curious and intrigued.

The first? Great detective work, Dr. Donohue.

I never knew a mortuary could be so exciting.

“Man describes his sensations while slowly roasting to death”

Rather beautiful antique illustration:

Indication of slightly skewed priorities (read the fine print…she’s upset about her hair).

It may feel like slight indigestion at first, but…

Anyone know where this anthropomorphic poison comes from?



Lovely death and (a) maiden.

Come in, kiddies. A meaty, cheesy death surely does not await you in the hungry jaws of Mayor McCheese.



For the ladies…

I don’t think this ended well.

The end.

Desktop Goodies 6/4

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Does anyone know the artist responsible for this (I bet one of you will!)? I swoon every time I look at this piece.

The lesser known alternative to “shooting lasers from one’s eyes” is shooting pinup models.

My fellow introverts, here is a fabulous KEEP AWAY sign!

Who wants a start a club with this name with me?

From Cake Wrecks comes this awesome reproduction:

Hey, want some fashion? Here goes…

Hairdo hall of fame!

Excellent costume idea:

And while was not intended as a Halloween costume, I think it would work wonderfully as one.

Great alternative to to poodle skirt:

Just make sure you’re not dressed for trouble.

Lovely Crazy Cat Lady:

This has been circulating a lot, but I just have to make sure you’ve all seen it.

Two loves had he…

“Lite Brite, Lite Brite…turn on the magic of colored lights!”

[Imitates Todd Flanders] “Is your source on this reliable?”

This kid is going places in life…

Old Sunday School postcards are always cheese-tastically awesome.

The word of the week: HAMAGINATION.

I love hints of barely detectable darkness amidst standard prim and proper design.

Well done, taxidermist. Well done. Does anyone remember the Ren and Stimpy “Log” commercial that featured “Ultra Log” (which just had a hideous dead squirrel nailed to the top)?

Coincidentally, I also came across what might have been the goal of the project above:

Can this be me, please?

Okay…time to get some reading done…

Desktop Goodies 5/25

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I’d love a copy of this.

This was the ONLY way to play with Weebles back in the day!

“Hey…would you cut me a slice of that potato salad?” I’m not sure why the mid-20th Century as a whole felt that all food was better served molded and congealed.

Maybe Snuggles can cook up something better.

Now THIS is a great piece of food!

My kinda cookbook…

Clearly the world’s most amazing self-help book:

And a book I want very badly!

A book that the occasional SheWalksSoftly reader might have actually had:

Why it pays to be nice…

“Hang on…I have to put my face on.”

An accessory for the man about town:

And quite the dress design…

I’m intrigued…

I never expected a Mighty Dark-Winged Avenging Lord of Chaos to be named “Bryan.”

Pleasant dreams, kiddies…

It seems I had a bunch of images lined up to post, so expect another Desktop Goodies installment soon…

Desktop Goodies 4/1

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Well, Spring is upon us here in the US. Though if Spring came to my door looking like this, you can bet I wouldn’t let it in.

Here’s a motivational poster for you fine folks:

What are the chances I could still get this T-shirt if I fill out the order form?

I believe I got this from A Wren’s Life’s Pinterest. Why aren’t there more images of people wrestling Death on medical packaging these days?

I’ve never seen a raven-haired man with a stark white beard, but now I know there’s a solution of such a man wishes to coordinate his whiskers.

One thing any man of mine will not have to worry about (if he doesn’t getting me going about art or science):

Quite possibly the best tombstone epitaph I’ve ever seen:

What happens when acorns are laced with cocaine…

No idea what these are (maybe one of you will know), but I think I like them.

The only way to travel…

This gets major points for being two things: 1) zombie nesting dolls 2) A CAKE.

And speaking of food, I shouldn’t have seen these…because now I will undoubtedly surprise unsuspecting guests with them one day (I’d carry them out facing backwards so the faces are extra shocking).

Though I don’t use much glitter in my projects these days, I very much relate to this (from Para Abnormal):

I’ve been quite under the weather lately, and this piece fairly accurately describes how I feel.

My very favorite closet light:

And lastly…we knew someone would jump on the chance to do this.

Desktop Goodies 3/20

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Let’s start with an amazing real life Batmobile pig shaped food truck! I’ve never seen anything like this. Completely awesome.

And speaking of bats, this was actually a political cartoon of yesteryear:

When was the last time you saw a bat in striped boxer shorts?

Does anyone know the artist for this painting? I love the color scheme and lighting.

Excellent parenting:

“Gee, it’d be mighty swell if you’d be my date for the apocalypse!”

I feel like I’m looking into my future:

Don’t be fooled by brilliant marketing, ladies…I’ve worn apple scented perfume for 15 years and have yet to be bitten.

Who are YOU going to believe?

Where I sneak away at night…

Next time you’re on a boat, remember that this is exactly what’s going on underneath you.

LOVE these gentle specters:

A photo that takes my breath away:

This is an actual Victorian dress, as far as I know. I’d love to meet the woman who wore this color during that era.

And while we’re on the topic of vintage attire, this is what women used to wear before we only had the option of prepackaged “slutty hornet.”

(2012 versions often cover less than a swimsuit and have titles like “Queen Bee-otch”…I’m not kidding)

The “magpie” costume actually looks very much like my prom dress in 1997.

This costume beats them all though (insert choice pun about “hamming it up”).

The end.

Desktop Goodies 3/4

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Alnwick Garden is now on my destination list.

The one kind of “medicine” I’d really like to overdose on:

Amazing outfits ahead! This was taken in 1915 (probably what I would have worn if I were around in that time period):

And now an incredible “sport dress” from 1885:

So, is this pretty much the greatest sweater of all time…or THE greatest sweater of all time?

And now for the requisite skeletons that somehow make it into all of these posts. I may have actually featured this before, but I just love it so much.

Be careful when someone asks to “pick your brain.” It may be literal.

With tooth-care proofs of purchase, one could acquire this fabulous dental clock from Zonweiss (well, a rather long time ago anyway):

Mmm…I love the hazy glow of this photo…

When writing a letter to me, please address it as such:

This is how I lift my elephants, too.

I do enjoy de-contextualized slices of vintage printed work…

Absolutely a cause for celebration!

Bats: is there anything they CAN’T do?

Oddly, a few images of bats dealing with headless things grace my desktop at the moment.

This one puts me in a good mood, instantly.

I confess to a bit of library corner lust for this globe lamp:

And these rings are wonderful (yet another example, like most of these images, of lack of sourcing in micro-blogs…does anyone know who makes these?):

I’ll close this post with a monstrously sweet image by McLean Kendree.

Desktop Goodies 2/8

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A new piece by Mark Ryden to lust after…

An age old patent for all your cow facade needs:

The ORIGINAL stairway to heaven:

Beautiful sandcastle by Adam Gormley:

Excellent idea!

Great party game:

Why not surprise your loved one with an unforgettable toy this Valentine’s Day?


At this restaurant, the only thing higher than the lobster towers is the staff’s hair.

I can almost hear the sweet, melodious tune of this duet.

They say history repeats itself. This political cartoon should be reprinted…

Now, I know it’s exaggerated for dramatic effect here, but this is pretty much exactly what my mind’s eye envisions when someone sneezes near me:

Heh. Wait ’til the 21st Century, girl…it’s called the Internet.

But alas…love hurts.

My best friend loves pickles. I sense an edible Pickle Circus setup at a birthday gift!

And I’ll finish off with a video that begs the question “Why is every sport that looks mildly appealing to me a century old and long since laughed out of existence?”

Desktop Goodies

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Although I’m largely opposed to the idea of food in pill form (since eating is one of the finest pleasures in life), this is a pretty fine looking meal tray:

Love the movie…love this piece by Teetering Bulb.

Yeah, this is how most of my days start too…

Oh model in your lovely spine dress, I hate to see you go but I love to watch you leave…

Great photograph by Helen Warner:

ACTION JEANS! My ACTION SWEATPANTS actually have some of the same properties. Gotta be prepared if a fight breaks out while I’m scouring the Internet for art and reading science books in my room.

With the sheer proliferation of puns in this text, it must be self-aware, right?

On a related note, I’ve posted about vintage parade floats before, but here’s a new favorite:

Skullball Machine!

Speaking of skulls…

I’m not sure what it says about me that I put this image in my “Valentine” folder:

Paint just gets EVERYWHERE…

And while we’re on the subject of art, leave it to Regretsy to design this handy measurement tool for the less desirable side of some artistic personalities:

I’m not a camper, but I want this tent! Makes me want to venture out into the wilderness (which may or may not mean my own backyard).

And I’ll finish off with the desktop dose of confusion; trading cards seen on Agence Eureka.

Mmmm…steak in a can. That’s the good stuff.

Mechanical Advertising Novelties, 1911

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Scientific American has a nice little slide show of early 20th century novelty designs.

Strange automatons, mind tricks and whimsical inventions…

See the rest here.