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Desktop Goodies 9/29

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Quite an interesting articulation…

Couldn’t help but laugh at this:

Aww…it wouldn’t surprise me if someone started selling soaps on Etsy designed to look like these (there has been a surprising amount of fetus soap…why not put a sea life spin on it?).

A vintage depiction of an onion bringing HERSELF to tears. How meta.

Yes, it’s a claw…but doesn’t it look like an alien head?

So much pink…so much…meat. Valiant effort on the part of the meat roller.

The logical dessert spread after a setup like the above would clearly come from this book:

I’ve seen some bad wax figures, but Wax Jesus is looking a little rough.

I suppose it could be worse…these things could be happening.

Ha! No idea where this comes from, but it’s entertaining.

Here, have some emotions:

And now for your daily dose of confusion: