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Tacky Taxidermy Week, Day 4: Shock and Dread

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crazy dog




Tacky Taxidermy Week, Day 3: Smile!

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You know how sometimes you’ll see an animal at a certain angle, at a certain moment, and it appears to be smiling? This is not that.

These are gruesome, gratuitous, godawful grins…facial contortions that do not exist in the actual animal kingdom.


Are you ready?

A couple of them are kinda sweet.

…or manic.

…or stoned.


…or the stuff nightmares are made of.

…or inquisitive.

…or surprised.

…or something dug out of an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus.

…or just happy to see ya.


…or have one more than the most fashionable number of mammalian eyes.

…or look like an ad for wolf dentures.

Tacky Taxidermy Week, Day 2: “Zoologically Improbable”

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Now let’s have a look at some creatures who appear to be experiencing emotions or postures that do not, in reality, exist in the animal kingdom as we know it.


The whole lower half of this one is more disturbing than its nonplussed face.


Is he Jazzercizing?

Squirrel in sensual repose:

“Oh God. I must have slept wrong.”


Waiting by the principal’s office…

Tacky Taxidermy 101: when in doubt, HYPEREXTEND LIMBS!



One of the best signs I’ve ever seen:

Tacky Taxidermy Week, Day 1: SASSY AND FIERCE!

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Tacky Taxidermy won the theme week contest! So here we go!

Sometimes there is just a *little* something off about the taxidermy creatures we encounter…

But others are downright SASSY AND FIERCE!



I welcome captions for any of these!








SWS does NOT endorse the mistreatment/killing of animals for art! I make an effort to post only ethical taxidermy in which the animals were already deceased. If you somehow discover that one of these creations actively harmed the creature involved, please let me know so I can remove the image immediately.

Emi Slade

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I’ve been following Emi Slade’s work for a while, but was freshly impressed by this taxidermy project (featured at La Luz de Jesus in the 3rd Biennial Taxidermy Show).

It’s all in the teeth.

Double your taxidermy pleasure:

She takes artistic liberties with existing creatures…

…or invents her own.

Emi Slade

Walter Potter

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Many of us are no doubt aware of the fantastical Victorian taxidermy vignettes of Walter Potter, even if his name is not on our tongues. His Museum of Curiosities closed nearly four decades ago, and the collection was sold off in recent years.  “Mr Potter started his collection at the age of 19 when his canary died and he dissected the bird before stuffing it for display in the family summer house. His family kept his museum in Bramber, Sussex open after his death in 1918.”

The link to an article on the “recreation” of Potter’s museum for a limited exhibit has some wonderful images. We hope the ones below will whet your interest.






Walter Potter working

Potter Museum Article

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Indigo Ocean’s Taxidermy Foal

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Like bacon, cupcakes, ninjas and zombies, unicorns seem to have taken off in popular culture. Most artistic renderings of these horned beasts of the equine persuasion tend to be somewhat similar.

Indigo Ocean on deviantART takes another angle and creates “realistic” baby versions.

While I never got into the unicorn craze, something about these mini faux-foals is kind of captivating.

Indigo Ocean

Valentine’s Day Countdown: Gildedcagetattoos

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Perhaps a bit late to post these for gift ideas, but your Valentine deserves to be shown your heart all the time, not just on February 14th.





Desktop Goodies 6/4

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Does anyone know the artist responsible for this (I bet one of you will!)? I swoon every time I look at this piece.

The lesser known alternative to “shooting lasers from one’s eyes” is shooting pinup models.

My fellow introverts, here is a fabulous KEEP AWAY sign!

Who wants a start a club with this name with me?

From Cake Wrecks comes this awesome reproduction:

Hey, want some fashion? Here goes…

Hairdo hall of fame!

Excellent costume idea:

And while was not intended as a Halloween costume, I think it would work wonderfully as one.

Great alternative to to poodle skirt:

Just make sure you’re not dressed for trouble.

Lovely Crazy Cat Lady:

This has been circulating a lot, but I just have to make sure you’ve all seen it.

Two loves had he…

“Lite Brite, Lite Brite…turn on the magic of colored lights!”

[Imitates Todd Flanders] “Is your source on this reliable?”

This kid is going places in life…

Old Sunday School postcards are always cheese-tastically awesome.

The word of the week: HAMAGINATION.

I love hints of barely detectable darkness amidst standard prim and proper design.

Well done, taxidermist. Well done. Does anyone remember the Ren and Stimpy “Log” commercial that featured “Ultra Log” (which just had a hideous dead squirrel nailed to the top)?

Coincidentally, I also came across what might have been the goal of the project above:

Can this be me, please?

Okay…time to get some reading done…

Vanessie Art Dolls

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Vanessie Art Dolls are the work of the talented Esther Verschoor.

The dolls and outfits are hand crafted from a wide variety of materials. And all real skulls are from animals who have died of natural causes (never killed for food, fur or human use).

As if the costumes weren’t brilliantly detailed enough, many of the dolls are actually sporting lacy underwear and stockings beneath!

Some figures are placed within sculptures or scenes…

Fans of interesting taxidermy and Gothic/Victorian fashion will love these pieces.

There are so many lovely things to look at in the Vanessie galleries. Have a look!