Tacky Taxidermy Week, Day 3: Smile!

You know how sometimes you’ll see an animal at a certain angle, at a certain moment, and it appears to be smiling? This is not that.

These are gruesome, gratuitous, godawful grins…facial contortions that do not exist in the actual animal kingdom.


Are you ready?

A couple of them are kinda sweet.

…or manic.

…or stoned.


…or the stuff nightmares are made of.

…or inquisitive.

…or surprised.

…or something dug out of an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus.

…or just happy to see ya.


…or have one more than the most fashionable number of mammalian eyes.

…or look like an ad for wolf dentures.


7 Responses to “Tacky Taxidermy Week, Day 3: Smile!”

  1. They look as if they are posing for selfies – try saying “CHEESE” with fangs… hehehehehe

  2. Can we see human taxidermy, pretty please? 🙂

    • A stoned bear and wolf walk into a bar one day.
      A rabbit sipping a spring water on the rocks says to them, “You know guys, you’d better stop getting high all the time, or I’m afraid one day you’re going to be so wasted, you’ll be easy prey for a hunter and he’ll stuff you with those stupid-looking expressions forever.
      “Yeah right, sure, like that’ll ever happen!” the bear replied mockingly.
      “Sure, Rabbit, who’s stoned now?” said the wolf laughing hysterically with the bear.

  3. I love all of these! I tell the Husband that I want to stuff our dog after she passes away. Then I tell him that I want to stuff him if he passes before me. I wonder what poses I should put them in…

  4. Lordie. That stoned wolf one looks a little too much like a man. I like the first one, though. Looks like a cartoon character, I can imagine as a mascot for corn flakes!

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