Indigo Ocean’s Taxidermy Foal

Like bacon, cupcakes, ninjas and zombies, unicorns seem to have taken off in popular culture. Most artistic renderings of these horned beasts of the equine persuasion tend to be somewhat similar.

Indigo Ocean on deviantART takes another angle and creates “realistic” baby versions.

While I never got into the unicorn craze, something about these mini faux-foals is kind of captivating.

Indigo Ocean


5 Responses to “Indigo Ocean’s Taxidermy Foal”

  1. It’s so weird to see the majestic, graceful unicorn as these gangly, clumsy looking creatures. Great idea!

  2. Wow those sculptures are amazing! Thank you for sharing, I subscribed to her Facebook.

  3. so weird looking

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