Vinegar Valentines

I could have sworn I posted these before, but they don’t turn up in the archives, so I suppose I just collected them years ago in a mad frenzy of right-clicking like I’m so often wont to do.


Vinegar Valentines were a great way to anonymously troll someone before the advent of the Internet (though arguably trolling had a lot more poetic flare circa 1840-1940 when these artistic tools of debasement were in circulation). There were Vinegar Valentines to suit many types and occasions.

For that annoying PDA couple:

The domineering gold digger:

The Cassanova:

The shrill neurotic:

The showoff:

The subtle slithering specimen:

These are clearly tame compared to modern insults, but one aspect of humanity consistent throughout the ages is that the Shadow side makes itself known. It should be a rule that trolls must provide a colorful handmade illustration with every hateful comment they leave (this would most likely cut down on the amount of “OMG ur so UgLy…gO dIe!” statements on perfectly nice YouTube videos).

See more at Collectors Weekly.


4 Responses to “Vinegar Valentines”

  1. Keith hudins Says:

    Thanks, made me smile. I love the old vintage Halloween cards but had no idea Valentines cards back then we’re like that. Lol

  2. Those youtube comments would be a much better read if they rhymed and were kinda funny!

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