Atelier Iwakiri: Creature Bags

I don’t understand a word of the text, but I just browsed the entire collection of handmade creature bags by Atelier Iwakiri.

Such excellent attention to detail on scales, shells and skins!


These could be wonderful conversation pieces for the shy and/or introverted to carry around (yes, my mind went there because I am terrible at initiating conversation with strangers. But once I begin talking, I’m fine).

Atelier Iwakiri


13 Responses to “Atelier Iwakiri: Creature Bags”

  1. So cool. I think the goldfish is my favourite with those amazing scales and fins but I definitely have a soft spot for that craggy chameleon!

  2. so beautiful, love the fish

  3. C Van Voorhis Says:

    ….. THAT goldfish. *gasp* I LOVE it!

  4. You can give me some of the first pictures of black fish in detail or where the sale of the site trouble you

  5. Can you give me a detailed picture of the fish?

  6. These are GREAT…I want one of each…!

  7. This bags of creation give the new meaning of Let’s Make a really unique and exotic bag. I’m adivd collector of Betsey Johnson bags. Hopefully I’ll be getting one of these bags in the future. I love the fish detail bag.

  8. where can I buy this amazing bags?

  9. Atelier Iwakiri: Creature Bags | SheWalksSoftly

    […]The Hydesville psychic motion of the 1940s was a giant phenomenon and the Fox Sisters were right at the middle of the action.[…]

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