Awkward Couple Photos

To alleviate the awkwardness Valentine’s Day brings about for many of us, I offer a series of couples who are almost guaranteed to be more awkward than you are.

Easy, tiger.

I can’t see anything in front of me except the afterimage of plaid, which is now burned into my retinas.


This picture has everything: attitude, questionable posing, mixed animal prints, and a killer devotional subtitle.

I know you’re probably tired of seeing all the parakeet bayonet photos online…but just in case…

Listen, what you do with phallic fruit behind closed doors is your business, but nobody needs to see this.

Is that a DRAGON in her hair?

Awkward? Maybe. But I’d get a portrait like this is a heartbeat.


9 Responses to “Awkward Couple Photos”

  1. Carrie Filetti Says:

    The last one is quite normal 🙂

  2. Thanks for showing this, now I can finally feel normal, hehe

  3. Jeez. That first one looks like those old Victorian ones where they had to sit still for far too long but… that banana one… I thought you were supposed to do that with spaghetti but they just really like bananas? Really, REALLY like bananas

  4. Firstly, the bayonette, parakeet was definitely new to me! Hah hah …and the so-called Dragon hair, wow… I don’t know what would possess someone to have their hair resemble a mode of transportation! LOL

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Yeah, I was just kidding. I’m pretty sure no one else on earth has taken a bayonet/parakeet photo. 🙂

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