Jellyfish Air Plants

PetitBeast invented a brilliant houseplant display using sea urchin shells to mimic the body of a jellyfish and growing plants as tentacles.


These little sweeties hang in the air and give the illusion of floating/swimming through space. Each one is entirely unique as, with minimal care, it grows in its own fashion, delicately swirling and curling.


Some versions come in kits of 3, which I think would look extra amazing.

Would you hang this in your home? I give it two thumbs, um…eight tentacles up!



5 Responses to “Jellyfish Air Plants”

  1. Awwwwww… I would absolutely *love* to have a couple… Or three. I know the perfect spot! I just wish they were a little cheaper, considering what they are. I’ll still add them to my favorites on etsy though 😉

  2. Weirdly pretty little things. I think the plant pot bits are sea urchin skeletons!

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