Cosmic Tree

My holiday spirit is admittedly low this year, for the reasons cited in my tree post around this time last year (I’m quite homesick for NY and hadn’t planned on my health turning a two week trip to LA into a two year stay). But I did put up our little table top tree and chose “Cosmic” as a theme.


Though not as fancy as Blown Glass Solar System Ornaments, even paper planets can look pretty cool.

Previously this little fellow the was Tree of Horrors.


8 Responses to “Cosmic Tree”

  1. Carrie Filetti Says:

    I love your cosmic tree! What tree could be better 🙂 I see a little something under it that looks very familiar. I hope you enjoy it!
    Love you!!!

  2. Colleen Van Voorhis Says:

    It’s beautiful!

  3. Planets, baubles and stars, lovely!

  4. Oh yes, I remember his previous incarnation as the Mini Tree of Horrors 🙂 This year’s cosmic theme is out of this world! (sorry, couldn’t resist…) -Nx

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