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Bill Higgins 

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I used to have dreams about the apocalypse, in which the planets realigned and moved close to the earth in strange but gorgeous arrangements and colors. Bill Higgins’s series of exploratory paintings reminds me of these dreams.

It’s interesting to think about just how much we take the alignment of the incomprehensibly majestic cosmos for granted. We often don’t notice the sun, moon or stars at all…but I always make a point to look up and marvel just a bit.

Bill Higgins 


Desktop Goodies 3/10

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Let’s take a moment to ogle the beauty of nature…


For some reason, people feel slightly uneasy in this chair.

A tad crass…but definitely my favorite faux Rand McNally cover:

Couldn’t they have thought of more appetizing adjectives than “semi-liquids?” I suppose it beats “lumpy, congealed and vomitous.”

Dana, Don’t make a joke about this car being cheesy…Don’t make a joke about this car being cheesy…Resist!

Did anyone have this as a kid? It looks awesome.

How can I get my hands on this book? This woman absolutely has life figured out.

Incredible building of unknown origin.

Gorgeous modern interpretation of Danse Macabre!

The old one was no fun at all…

A children’s book illustration. I’m sure no one had nightmares or anything.

Norman’s Printery Wrapping Paper

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If you happen to be into the presentation aspect of gift gifting, Norman’s Printery has some stunning wrapping paper.

These…ohhhh, these astronomy themes…just make me swoon.


Wrapping paper seems like a trivial thing, but it can certainly make an impression. I used to make my own fairly often. And I’ll never forget an occasion when I told a loved one about a dream of mine featuring white spiders…and soon after received a gift wrapped in custom black paper with white spiders on it.




Norman’s Printery

Desktop Goodies 12/14

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Hypnokitty says…you will read the entirety of this post…

I’m not sure if this was a recurring character or a one time thing, but it’s very unusual art for a motor oil ad.

The bow really makes this.


I love this kid.


I previously considered my own cats to be pretty well prepared, but I was quite mistaken.

The most projectile vomit I’ve ever seen in an antique colorized photo.


It’s funny…because it’s true.



I’m surprised this never happened to me when I was deep in my heavy metal phase.

Nature is incredible.

Galaxy Bedding

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I’m not even sure how I’d choose among all of these beautiful Galaxy Bedding sets.


They have pretty much any color scheme you can imagine. So many choices! Unfortunately, the price and shipping are a bit steep ($33 shipping for a flat sheet! Yikes!).

Still, a girl can dream…hopefully on galaxy sheets one day.



Galaxy Bedding

Super Blood Moon

Posted in astronomy, space with tags , on September 27, 2015 by shewalkssoftly

One complication of Lyme disease and other bug born illnesses is the exacerbation of symptoms during the full moon due to the natural cycles of the pathogens. Wondering why my pain levels just escalated from incapacitating to “somebody please kill me!” I remembered that tonight is the SUPER BLOOD MOON.


Not only is the moon remarkably close to the Earth, but there will be a full eclipse. We won’t see another one of these until 2033. You can find incredibly detailed information and viewing times for all regions HERE.

Image Odyssey: Galaxy Easter Eggs

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I’m not dyeing any Easter Eggs myself. But if I were, I’d like to take a crack (no pun intended) at galaxy eggs.




Perhaps next year I’ll find a tutorial and whip some of these up.

Bonus solar system:


Are you dyeing eggs? Any special designs?

Strange Remains Week: Mummies, Gems and the Moon

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Tallying $67,000, modern mummification isn’t for everyone…but it’s Available at SUMMUM.


These guys have resurrected (no pun intended) the ancient Egyptian art. You can see a description of the process here.

If you prefer something smaller in size and significantly more sparkly, there is LifeGem.


Love. Life’s single greatest risk. Life’s single greatest reward. Love captures your heart in a second and holds it for eternity. You have experienced a love without equal.

You have had someone truly special in your life and mere words simply will not do.

Your very own LifeGem diamond(s) can be created from the carbon in cremation ashes, a lock of hair, or both. Of course, not only do we turn ashes into diamonds and hair into diamonds, we also have a full line of cremation jewelry, rings, and pendants to accent your beautiful LifeGem cremation diamond.

Or if you’d like your death to involve a space odyssey, you can be shot into the cosmos.


Celestis Memorial Spaceflights place a symbolic portion of cremated remains into Earth orbit, onto the lunar surface, and into deep space. Missions into space that return the cremated remains to Earth are also available. Your loved one will venture into space as part of a real space mission, riding alongside a commercial or scientific satellite.

Celestis offers a number of options (click to enlarge):


Boutique Academia

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I have a shirt with this design, but I absolutely love this Fibonacci Sequence necklace from Boutique Academia (wow, do I want this!).


The shop has some fabulous offerings for us geeky folks! My three other favorites from the site are the Neurons:

The Pleiades:

Tree Ring:

Great Stuff!

Boutique Academia

Cosmic Tree

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My holiday spirit is admittedly low this year, for the reasons cited in my tree post around this time last year (I’m quite homesick for NY and hadn’t planned on my health turning a two week trip to LA into a two year stay). But I did put up our little table top tree and chose “Cosmic” as a theme.


Though not as fancy as Blown Glass Solar System Ornaments, even paper planets can look pretty cool.

Previously this little fellow the was Tree of Horrors.