Holiday Desktop Goodies 12/18


I think a series of all of the Haunted Mansion Grim Grinning Ghosts would make an excellent ornament collection.

This image is just perfect: happy tan lady with happy man, angry pale lady, pale lady’s partner not-so-inconspicuously eying her sunkissed rival. Don’tyou want a sun lamp now?

Amazing relationship advice from the folks at Dormeyer: use tears to manipulate your husband into purchasing household items. Maybe if I fake a sense of victimhood I can score a toaster this Christmas.

A man who knows what he wants (even the big Kewpie is looking at him like “Seriously, dude?”):

Holy hell…

How to traumatize birds:

And by “Merry” I mean “there are bodies in the basement:”

This drenched, freezing Yeti standing in a flood may be the most depressing card ever.

The pudding has broken out in fluid filled pustules.

And now for the piece de resitance (don’t gloss over this one. Take in every detail):


2 Responses to “Holiday Desktop Goodies 12/18”

  1. Yikes! Scary Christmas-tree-man made me laugh out loud, but the Dormeyer ad scared me for real – as did that creepy bird-catcher child-thing (What on earth IS that small person up to, lurking round nest boxes with a pointy stick in his/her/its fist…?). And all I’ll say about that last image is… Please, somebody, save the kitty!!!

    Feeling a little like the drenched, freezing Yeti myself atm, but glad to be back online.

    Dana, as always, your Holiday Desktop choice is just sublime. -Nx

  2. You know, I thought that first one looked like a Halloween costume you could wear for two whole months. But then the creepiness just went on and on!

    I don’t know what’s going on in that last one. The cat seems to be clinging onto nothing for dear life.

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