Crazy Vintage Diet Books

The Sexy Pineapple Diet in Desktops Goodies: Crazy Book Edition inspired this spinoff post about some of the more absurd diet publications of years gone by (for the record, I’m sure many of today’s crazes will eventually be relegated to this category). I had to see what else was lurking in our culture’s weight conscious past. Caution: the final one is actually NSFW.

Oh, to blame every sorry sugar binge I’ve had on the Devil!

I LOVE the following two.

icecream“Minimum of willpower!” Now that has an appeal!

grid-cell-11066-1411410778-15THIS, on the other hand…


Ready to get ribald? No, you’re not ready for these. You’ve been warned.



6 Responses to “Crazy Vintage Diet Books”

  1. I guess Bridget is a devote atheist that doesn’t like to ‘Exorcise’. Her book should be aptly called, Bridget Doesn’t Give A Damn Cookbook. This has to come from the 60’s.
    Just how is praying to God supposed to prevent someone from getting fat?
    “God, are you there?”
    “Yes, Brian, I am here, watching over you constantly.”
    “I’m about to enter Dunkin Donuts. Can you give me strength?”
    “Don’t go inside, Brian, you’re becoming a fat bastard.”
    “Thanks, God, I needed that.”

  2. 13hearseman13 Says:

    Cooking in the nude is a sport wrought with the danger of hot splattering oil. We won’t mention campfire weenie roasts.

  3. Strangertobluewater Says:

    1) All of these have “Secret Santa” gift written all over them.
    2) The tuna diet will definitely work. If you don’t drop pounds, the mercury will eventually kill you. Either way you “lose.”
    3) The stupidity of all of this reminds how equally awful the diets of today are. We’ve actually devolved.

  4. I remember Bridget used to have a series of greeting cards back in the 1970’s, they were very strange as I recall

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