Desktop Goodies: Crazy Book Edition

My apologies if any of these are repeats. I may have posted one or two of them and accidentally re-saved, but I’m pretty sure almost all of these are new to the blog.

Don’t get me wrong; the best things in life are truly free…but just in case, there’s a book for people who care enough to do the very least.

This poor man looks like he’s happy as he prepares his wife for the reaping of grim death.

I wonder how long this book is. How much can be written about this particular subject? Chapter one: turn on water. Chapter two: turn off water. Chapter three: sit in water. Chapter four: get out of water. Did I just write a book?

Suspend your disbelief…

It might be difficult for those without a corporeal form to get their hands on this book (literally, I guess). But it’s good to be prepared.

Best autobiography title I’ve ever seen:

We all do it:

I have the power to walk through my house in a sheer negligee with a bouquet of flowers…

“Erogetic” appears to be a word entirely made up for the sake of this book. But a picture is worth a thousand words.



7 Responses to “Desktop Goodies: Crazy Book Edition”

  1. bettiemuldoon Says:

    Aside from the few that are spoofs that would have been fun to check out, I was disappointed that the book on Baths is only an 11 pager. It can be read here:

    The last book has an interesting extended title:
    Ladies of Negotiable Virtue: An Account of Pioneer Prostitutes and the Dance Halls, Saloons, Cribs and Brothels where They Plied Their Trade, Along with Floor Plans of the Establishments and Photographs of the Women.

    Floor Plans! That sounds mighty titillating!

  2. These are amazing! Isn’t it strange how the best things might be free, but the near-best things aren’t cheap. It’s not a straight-line graph!

  3. InkedUpFosterMom Says:


  4. You should check out “Bizarre Books: A Compendium of Classic Oddities” by Russell Ash and Brian Lake. They’ve been collecting info on books like these for over two decades…

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