Halloween Countdown: Solar Jack O’ Lantern

On October 8th, the sun had a series of active spots that made it resemble a happy, glowing Jack O’ Lantern. Isn’t it sweet?


It reminds me of the flaming pumpkin at the end of Disney’s Sleepy Hollow…only in a better mood.

(Thanks Liz, for being the first to show me this!)


3 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: Solar Jack O’ Lantern”

  1. Strangertobluewater Says:

    Hey, where’s my insurance link!! ha! J/k
    Nice link up to the Sleepy Hollow Pumpkin. I live close to Sleepy Hollow now. Maybe I will get a visit!

  2. bettiemuldoon Says:


  3. 13hearseman13 Says:

    That sun is a dead ringer for the jack-o-lantern! Beware the Solar Doppelganger!

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