Forbidden Transmission

I try not to post long videos here. I understand that everyone is busy (and I personally rarely take the time to watch lengthy videos I come across while browsing online…even if they look interesting). BUT…children of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s…these are worth your time.

The creators have taken (often embarrassing, highly dated, yet in some cases enjoyably nostalgic) clips from bygone TV days and edited them together in themed compilations. I laughed out loud multiple times.

Do not miss the video that begins at 8:00 in Cultural Meltdown. I ferociously googled the lyrics to find out more about this song and nothing came up. But look and listen!

Yeah, that’s the nature of the beast
Keeper of the male persona
Yeah that’s the nature of the beast
Keeper of my status quota

“Status quota?” What does that even mean? Don’t you want to rush to the 8 minute mark now?

There are a bunch of others I intend to watch as well! Thank you, GD, for finding these!


11 Responses to “Forbidden Transmission”

  1. Hahaha – oh heavens! Well, I can tell you the song’s called ‘Nature of the Beast’ (duh…) by Michael Bradley, who used to be lead singer with Paul Revere & the Raiders:

    and my cat adores it (she has absolutely no taste – she made me play it three times) but I have no idea what the poor man has to do in order to keep up his ‘Status quota’ (or, indeed, why he wants to). Perhaps I should listen to the lyrics again, but I fear my head might explode πŸ˜‰

    Just watched the Cosmic Cocktail episode too, and now I think I need a little lie down… -Nx

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Nx…you continue to amaze me with your comments/info. Thank you! You’re awesome. Why can’t we live down the street from each other so we could hang out? πŸ™‚

  2. Love that mountain lion. The closest I ever came was walking my tuxedo cat on a leash wearing a tank top. Well, dearest Dana, looking much like Corey Feldman right now, I think this post fried my Hippocampus once and for all. Nature of the beast? Seriously? This guy is so egotistical his girlfriends’ are jealous of the time he spends with his reflection. Fortunately I never heard this stupid song, or I was temporarily dead, or maybe I didn’t remember it until now (dammit to hell infernal racket). This song’s about his terrible struggle between humping every girl in high school and the nagging intense love in his heart (and crotch) for one particular girl he fallen in love with. C’mon, he obviously does love her because he made a secret shrine out of four lockers. “Keeping up the status” refers to the amount of ladies he thinks he needs to bang in order to be considered a normal stud. Yes, thy ladies of class and sophistication, such a ludicrous mindset does exist in the male species. Freaking Awesome!!! says every woman who owns the Magic Mike dvd.

  3. bettiemuldoon Says:

    They start out with strong similarities to Ghoul A-Go-Go, without the kitsch and full blown 60’s retro thing to tie in the themes. That first one with the diverse 60’s-90’s Saturday morning shows threw in a few surprises, and some old friends.

    The music video one has a lot of stuff that is fun to look back and gawk at, and be thankful we lived past it. The Village People will always make me laugh, and wonder WHY I stayed up until 5am one night watching their movie when I was in college.

    My older brother had video tapes of Bigfoot and Wildboy that gave me nightmares. I wonder if Sid & Marty Krofft had any idea that some kids may be traumatized by their shows.

    Now I want a squirrel melt sandwich.

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      When I went to the midwest, I brought back a roadkill cookbook for my mom. High nausea-inducing factors. I’m sure it had squirrel melts. Don’t people know you’re not supposed to eat the CUTE animals? (I kid. I’m a meat eater so I have no right to say that…but I eat with great appreciation for the sacrifice).

      • bettiemuldoon Says:

        It’s us or them. The day we let down our guard, the cows will be running after us with seasonings and a fork!

      • shewalkssoftly Says:

        That has the makings of a GREAT short film!

      • Sorry for interrupting. I’m actually am okay with roadkill. Shit happens right? I recall a fascinating documentary I had seen years ago on people who live strictly on roadkill. I should find it. I think you two would like it. I’m going to hell now.

  4. Oh Dana, living down the street from each other and hanging out – now that WOULD be awesome! πŸ™‚ -Nx

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