Desktop Goodies 7/25

I apologize if I’ve posted some of these before. I forgot to clean out my “desktop goodies” folder and I may be repeating myself (though I don’t think so). Either way, these treasures are worth seeing.

This is real!

I’ve seen fortune teller automata before, but never Puss in Boots. He sees straight into your soul. It burns.

Take a moment to really absorb and digest this book. This may be one of the most horribly absurd things I’ve seen, and that’s saying something.

I love this headstone. If I am interred, I hope I get a lot of reading done down there.

Famous monster candle making? Sign me up!

Need I comment on this? I think not.


Dr. Coffins wonders why his private practice attracts very few patients.

Talk about a niche market!

Best caption ever.

In closing, we must all ask ourselves…


7 Responses to “Desktop Goodies 7/25”

  1. I have no idea what dancing sandwiches could have to do with murder. I’m intrigued and filled with curiosity. I kind of want to read the book, so I guess it worked really well!!

    Yeah, ENTIRELY human is a bit much

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Perhaps the sandwiches are infested with some of the creepy crawlies you’ve written about. πŸ™‚

  2. bettiemuldoon Says:

    Jean Pierre Jumez may have nimble fingers, but he is a bit forgetful when it comes to dressing.

    The Jewish-Japanese Sex & Cook Book and How to Raise Wolves by Jack Douglas. Wonderful title. This humourous author’s works seem to be rather pricey–maybe people cashing in on a title like this–I certainly looked to buy a copy just now! He does have one that I am more intrigued by: A FUNNY THING HAPPENED TO ME ON MY WAY TO THE GRAVE.

    Despite the caption, I think the skeletons did NOT find the buffet.

    Thanks for the smiles. xoxox

  3. ~Apparently Fredric Brown wrote many bizarre titles like, We all Killed Grandma. Obviously in that Santa is paid a lump sum to run grandma over on Christmas eve. Well, according to, The Case of the Dancing Sandwiches, goes for $150 these days, hardcover, over $70 for paperback. I found out Carl goes out with a friend’s hot sister and the next day murder happened. If it didn’t fail miserably I guess he would’ve eventually gotten around to writing its sequels, Who Put Their Dick in Jane’s Mashed Potatoes – and – A Deli Murder By Kielbasa.

    ~ Love that Puss and Boots fortune telling automata. I guess it’s safe to assume by default any dog owner’s were given the prediction, “Death would be prompt and swift”.

    ~Gynaecology for Anxious Patients? Yep, puppets were used to calm ‘worried or embarrassed patients. Hardly can blame them. Word to the ladies – Please don’t go to a male gynecologist, it’s just wrong and perverse and should be outlawed. He “describes” you to his friends drinking beers watching the game. Is it me or does Doctor Dolly look just like Mr. Rogers. I wouldn’t be surprised ’cause America and Europe constantly rip off each other’s ideas. Kind of sweet actually.

    ~No death for you, got it, okay? Only books and happiness and awesome things to come. Cool tombstone, though but I think somewhere a library statue is missing an arm.

    ~Monster candles are purely as neat as a cauldron of bloody fruit punch. Would love to make that. Speaking Halloweeny, it’s beginning to be Autumny in NY. πŸ™‚

    ~I presume ole nimble fingers is a French Scotsman aka wearing a kilt . As a manly man I’m glad his guitar is hiding his baguette. Remember, Dana, I used to bake French baguettes way back in the day. So delicious fresh and crispy hot straight from the wood fired stone oven. You know what’s priceless, besides you getting better of course? The adorable thankful looks of giving long baguette breads off to poor hungry raccoons that visited the back of the bakery every early evening near the wood pile. Such tender moments. Ha-ha, leave it to me to divert the topic, huh?

    ~ That deer/elk head car is definitely unique. Because of the flowers I would guess it was for the annual holiday Rose parade there in California. Which I watch ceremoniously every year as I do the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Now I want turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce.

    ~ Dr. Coffin should’ve changed his name to Dr. Neverdie.

    ~ That book is perfect for an oriental-nympho-werewolf-Nazi.

    ~ Love dancing skeletons. It is a great caption but it should really read, “They evidently had NOT found the buffet”…or better yet…”The buffet was so unpalatable they evidently chose to starve to death.”

    ~ Humans suck. Our species is sooooo much better.

  4. Yet again, an absolute treasure trove of peculiarity, Dana!

    According to Mr Jumez (posting on another site) he sued the record company for that cover and was awarded 140,000 dollars. I reckon the poor bloke deserved every cent! πŸ™‚

    Gynaecology explained by scary bug-eyed puppets? Gaaaagh – sitting with my legs crossed now…… -Nx

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