Vita di Mare

My friend Vanessa is the QUEEN of pinterest! Our taste is remarkably similar (thus many boards would fit seamlessly here), but for today I’ll stick with Vita di Mare where she has collected stunning photographs of sea life.




Have a look at Vita di Mare!


4 Responses to “Vita di Mare”

  1. Fantastic imagery. Those two last pics are adorable. Yep, I can see what you mean, her taste is very similar to yours. Imagine being the photographers’ of those ocean photos? I’ve always had mixed feelings about the ocean, I both love it and fear it. I’m sure seeing Jaws as a kid with that famous theme score permanently ingrained into my impressionable subconscious is mostly to blame. I don’t shy away as a big believer in mythically proportion beasts that go bump in the dark water also. We know more about the moon and space than we do about the ocean’s depths. Giants squids are now finally confirmed to exist. Mermaid “proof” is popping-up from academic research. Some marine experts assert a Megalodon may actually exist because an enormous 50-ton submarine-sized “shark thing” is chomping sperm whales and is approximately 64 feet long from dorsal to tail fin – .

  2. Amazing images – just so beautiful! – Nx

  3. Oh my… That last one is the cutest little sea llama I’ve ever seen šŸ˜€

  4. Great collection! Love that wispy, flowery jellyfish creature!

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