Vintage Diving Suits Part 2

I’ve posted about some vintage diving suits before. Here’s another installment of a few beauties…great for those days when one is feeling a tad body conscious.






More photos and info here.

5 Responses to “Vintage Diving Suits Part 2”

  1. Colleen Van Voorhis Says:

    These things, although really neat looking are terrifying to me. It must take one hell of a special individual to go down into the depths wearing it! Ugh! I happened across a myth busters episode that really freaked me out about them!

  2. Carrie Filetti Says:

    Forrest is digging these, Dana:)

  3. This stuff is nuts! I really like those robot ones. It’s strange seeing some of them with swords and axes. What exactly were they expecting to find? And that last one is just barmy from head to toe. I can’t believe he’s wearing a belt with it!

  4. These are so interestingly scary and awesome at the same time… Love the ones that look like robots! But the ones that look like they have a face are a bit creepy.

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