Halloween Countdown: Desktop Treatbag #2

I started this post before falling increasingly ill. May still be gone for a bit…I had SO much to share this Halloween…but it’ll just have to wait for now. Here’s what I had so far…

Rockabilly Bride of Frankenstein. Awesome!

I want this shirt:


No one will suspect a thing.

Amazing roundup of Halloween creatures here.

Two great cakes from Cake Wrecks.

And…not so great…

You go, little fella!

Fellow 80’s kids…remember these?

And lastly, the always hilarious AXE COP (featuring Nick Offerman)!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from SheWalksSoftly!

(Thanks for this image of my likeness, Bettie!)

2 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: Desktop Treatbag #2”

  1. Coffin shaped poison bottles? YES!! I still have many of those Happy Meal McNugget toys. Glad to see you on, Sweetie ❤

  2. Happy Halloween! I have been following you blog for only a few months now but it is the one place I look forward to visiting daily. I do wish you well and hope for a speedy recovery of what is ailing you.

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