Desktop Goodies 6/19

GalenaLarkin created this fabulous alien in the style of Lisa Frank (boy, that brings me back!).

How about some valuable instruction from yesteryear?

I have a feeling even if I read this book, it wouldn’t work.

Oh, this is dangerous territory.

And speaking of…

Let’s start with the myriad pathologies of the cover model.

Love this.

…and this.

So THIS is how wives are made!

Speaking of, if I ever get married, forget those cheesy “Bride” T-shirts girls wear at wedding showers (etc.), I want THIS shirt (ironically, this level of geekiness probably diminishes my chances of “pair bonding” in the first place).

And if marriages don’t work, there’s always this guy.

Let’s get our Jesus on, folks! No…I meant literally.

Failed sales pitch for DoubleMint Gum:

All I have to say to this sculpture: get out of my dreams, get into my house!

So let’s look at other lovely home goods (I wish I had more info here). Nice little accent piece:

For the china cabinet:

While an amazing illusion, I suspect this wall decal could be mildly terrifying to some children:

Outdoor trimmings for my fellow introverts:

Why wasn’t this mass produced?

Does anyone have info on this piece? I find it fascinating that conjoined ceramics exist.

More soon…and remember:


20 Responses to “Desktop Goodies 6/19”

  1. I love the astronaut Mary. LOVE IT.

  2. Love the Diet, Crime and Delinquency…. What a waste of donuts and..I’m unsure of what else he’s stabbing aside from the obvious, Peas maybe? Straaaaaange. lol…

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Yes, it looks like peas…maybe chick peas. I think I’ll start eating my donuts with a butcher knife when I need to feel tough from now on.

  3. The Chang & Eng piece was a 19th century fairing–a souvenir about 3.5″ tall. Made in Germany, the wording on the bottom reads “Siamese Twins”

  4. This stuff is utterly nuts! Skunks “for profit”? Jesus’ hairy legs.

    I love the diet and crime thing, really gets the point across. But I think the problem with that guy is more “how” he eats rather than “what” he eats.

    And I have to protest at the insulator, I don’t think he can concentrate “with ease” at all! He needs really strong ear plugs playing mp3s of silence at maximum volume.

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      I’m laughing out loud at the diet comment. Eating one’s peas with a butcher knife does seem a tad problematic.

  5. Putting Peter Pan’s shadow on the wall is one of the most brilliant ideas to ever be created and I REALLY want it done to my very own wall. And I hope it’s okay if I save the Vampira picture to print for my bedroom! xxx

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Oh, the Vampira definitely deserves to be printed! Go for it! And I agree about that decal being genius. I’d actually like to see other shadows done this way too. Can you imagine a whole series of different ones?

  6. I love with the ‘Go Away’ sign and the ‘Isolator’. Perfect for the hermit that I am. 🙂

  7. Lindsay Larkin Says:

    Where did you find the Peter Pan’s shadow wall decal? My handicapped brother would be in heaven if he had it.

  8. Love this stuff too! You need to add Twitter links to your posts, I am the new queen of Twitter! 🙂

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      S., I was afraid of people getting annoyed with me on Twitter because my posts already feed into my facebook account. You don’t think it’s overkill?

  9. Beware the “Pairbonded” shirt; you have to order at least 2 sizes bigger than you normally wear!!

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